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Single Issue Comic Roundup

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I don't mark them on GoodReads, I don't really talk about them much on the blog, and I don't even keep them on my bookshelf, but I do enjoy single issue comics! Back in Pittsburgh I used to live within walking distance of an awesome comic book shop, which was above my all time favorite art shop. I would drop in before/after my shifts at Starbucks and grab new art…

Books for Breakfast #105

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Damned by Chuck Palahniuk & Cucumber Quest, Vol. 1 by Gigi D.G. As I slowly read through all of Palahniuk's books, with more on my to-read list yet, I finally get to Damned, which actually has a sequel that I'll have to get my hands on now. So this hilarious little number is about Madison, a 13 year old girl that finds herself in hell. She's from an ultra rich family…

Our Anxious Kitten Update


Yuki table

A while back I posted about our cat, Yuki, who is extremely anxious. It was an undertaking trying to help her out and make the space more comfortable for her. She was peeing in tubs, peeing on rugs, peeing on the floor near the front door, and basically going full tilt crazy, running all around the house, panting, and was always on edge. If you shifted even a bit on the…

Books for Breakfast #104

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Scorch Kickstart

Scorch by Ashley Witter & Nobody is Ever Missing by Catherine Lacey Another Kickstarted comic, I told you I am an avid Kickstarter, I wasn't lying. This is a very Halloween themed comic, and is perfect reading for the upcoming season. The story is a bit confusing, and it took me a bit to puzzle out what was going on, but I loved the art. It has the kind of Invader Zim-esque…

Wedding Wednesday #4


Obviously it's been a while since last wedding Wednesday, yet, unsurprisingly, I don't think much has actually happened since those last posts. (oops?) I did do the following though: Went to TWO dress appointments (still didn't find a dress though) Sketched out save the dates more intensely Pestered all involved parties about getting together respective guest lists Fretted over the fact that weddings are so much work and maybe I…

By Design – Classroom Posters



I had a friend request some posters for his classroom to hang by the little classroom library, in exchange for books. Because I still believe in the barter system. (Seriously though, gimme books, I'll provide designs, that's how I roll) He had a specific quote that he wanted posters designed for, then another one to hang over the bookcase that was hip and cool. Gotta get the attention of those…

Books for Breakfast #103

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Asylum by Madeleine Roux & Ghost Story by Peter Straub This continuously caught my eye when I worked at Barnes & Noble. I am a huge horror fan, movies, books, haunted houses, you name it. (Minus those freaky kidnapping things where you can pay to have someone "kidnap" you, that's a bit too much) So I put it on my list! Who can resist a good creepy book? Well, maybe I'm just so…

Books for Breakfast #102

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Monsterkind Book 1 by Taylor C. & Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng This graphic novel was something I backed on Kickstarter many moons ago. In a way it's like Zootopia or Monster Pop (Another of my favorite web comics), at least in terms of setting only. The world of the story has monsters and humans living together, although some areas are more monster or more human populated,…

That One Time I Wasn’t Allowed in the Science Fair


walnut creek

I know I have some pictures from the whole project somewhere at my parents house, and the see through projector slides that I had specially made for the presentation, although...I don't have the petri dishes anymore....well. Let's tell the story of the time I wasn't allowed in the high school science fair. It was Sophomore year in high school, biology class. Part of our requirement was to make a project…

Books for Breakfast #101

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Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll & Housewitch by Katie Schickel I got this book from an book app I backed on Kickstarter a while back called Read This Next. It's a little app that combines goodreads and instagram together and is pretty fun to use! I got to be a part of the beta testing and I even got a book out of it too! This is book tells…