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By Design – Inktober


inktober 1

If you're not aware of Inktober, let me inform you! Inktober is a drawing/inking challenge where artists draw a piece of art using ink in some way every day of the month! Ink isn't really my speciality, and I probably could have done Drawlloween (which is pencil drawings) instead, but what the hell, I decided to go full out of my comfort zone! Not to mention I picked up some…

Books for Breakfast #109

Book Reviews


Changeless and Blameless by Gail Carriger Since these are both part of a series, Parasol Protectorate, I thought I'd review them together! I borrowed the first book from a co-worker back at Barnes & Noble, who suggested that I might like the series. It's steam-punk, Victorian London, and our independent, brass, and very Italian heroine needs no saving, she can do that by herself, thank you very much! The second…

Problems with Wedding Dress Expectations (WW#5)



Since the going is still slow on the wedding front (Although I did put down a deposit on a wedding photographer and signed the contract with them! YAY! ONE BIG THING DONE!!!) I figured that I'd push this back to being a once a month update, because I'm bad at talking about weddings and I'm not an expert in any sense of the word. As the day creeps ever closer,…

8 Reasons Why I’m a Fan of Manga

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I spent most of my high school life as a closeted anime fan. I ignored the kids with naruto headbands and obvious anime shirts while in school, and then I'd go home to my bedroom walls covered in anime wall scrolls and read manga for hours. I was a filthy poser. Card Captor Sakura by CLAMP was my introduction into anime and also into manga as well. A think a…

How to Create a Reading Nook



One of the reasons we settled on this specific floor plan was because there was a study. For years I've wanted a room where I could have all my bookshelves and a cozy reading nook where I could curl up and read my books, and Alex wanted a place where he could have his desk and game. The study is both, and with doors to keep the cat out so…

Books for Breakfast #108

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Court of Mist

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas & Spinster by Kate Bolick After a Court of Thorns and Roses, I was SO PUMPED for the second book in this series. I mean, frothing at the mouth ready for this book to come out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I wanted it so badly! When it finally came out, a put it off a little, only because, I knew…

“Currently” Me


old bookworm

Since I did the currently reading list, I thought I'd do a "currently" about me, and what I've been up to. A lot has changed in my life (in all ways) since I started this blog way back when. I mean, this was the first picture of myself I posted on the blog: HA OH MAN I'M GETTING EMBARRASSED. Obviously a lot has changed. l started this blog when I…

Books for Breakfast #107

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Johnstown Girls

Spice and Wolf, Vol. 1 by Isuna Hasekura & The Johnstown Girls by Kathleen George I've noticed that this anime has been seemingly super popular in a lot of circles. I never got around to really watching it though, aside from the first episode, but Alex found it boring and fell asleep, I got into other series more heavily, and it ended up on the back burner. Although, I will…

“Currently” To-Read List

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current read flatly

I've been churning out these book reviews faster than I can stub my toe on the dining room table's leg! (That's actually a lie, I can stub my toe in lightning fast speeds....constantly) Although, I haven't mentioned what's coming up on my reading list that I'm doing my best to knock down to a reasonable size! So let's take a gander at what the bookworm has on her to-read shelf.…