Gnocchi for Dinner!


Today we home cooked our dinner! I’m not really a big cook even though I have a lovely kitchen! (I should really try to cook more often!) Sarah wanted to make Gnocchi, the Southern Italian variety! That means that it’s made with cheese instead of potato! It’s super good and only needs three ingredients! Plus it’s fun to make with a friend, or a significant other
It’s easy to make. We had enough for the two of us


2 eggs
2.5 cups of flour
1 container of ricotta cheese (15 oz).
Mix it all together by hand in a large glass mixing bowl, use those fingers and really get in there! Make sure to lay out some aluminum foil ahead of time and sprinkle liberally with flour! If the dough feels too sticky you might need more or less flour. Sarah goes by the feel of the dough from what her mother taught her, so it’s hard to explain!
Once you have it all mixed together and it’s not too sticky, you roll small pieces of the dough into snakes (like clay) and cut them into small pieces.
They cook like normal pasta, in other words, heat some water to a boil and drop them in! They don’t take too long to cook at all (since they are soft) Taste test along the way to test how firm they are! It should take about 8 min or so, just watch to make sure they are cooking evenly. You might need to do several batches if you have a small pot or if you made a lot of gnocchi.
 Once it’s cooked, all you need is some pasta sauce (of your choice) and a nice red wine always pairs well with pasta dishes. It also doesn’t hurt to sip while you cook! A lovely dinner is all ready and with only three easy to find ingredients!! (Though you might get covered in flour!)

By Jess

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