Travel Diaries – Outer Banks

Travel Diaries

I’ve never taken a trip with a best friend before, well, at least not really. I never imagined how much fun it would be! Everyday was an adventure and we got to do all sorts of fun things I’ve never done before, like jet skiing and riding a segway off road!! Crazy fun! (minus getting smacked in face by tree limbs)
This vacation took place in June and was the second time I’ve been down to the Outer Banks! We spent the trip in Duck, a quaint little town full of fun!


We were also pretty close to a bunch of shops/plazas! We stopped at one place called Elizabeth’s Cafe! It was attached to a little art gallery, and the food was LOVELY!! The man who served us was also the chef and he was very attentive.
Trips with friends and family are a lot of fun! Happy travels!



By Jess

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