Books for Breakfast #4

Book Reviews

My reads this time were:

Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith & The Dead Janitors Club by Jeff Klima

Murder mysteries are some of my favorite stories to read, I’ve always found them fascinating. My love of mystery probably started with Nancy Drew (Which I read in elementary school) and other books of the sort. Now, my favorite mystery author is probably Jo Nesbo. But, anyways, back to The Cuckoo’s Calling…I’m sure you’ve heard about it if you’re a Harry Potter fan. The book was written by J.K Rowling, under another pen name. The story itself was interesting, the characters had their own personalities, and the murder itself was intriguing. There were plenty of twists, and throughout you kept changing opinion on who the murder was. Did I suspect the actual killer before the end? Sure I did. But I wasn’t positive about it, and my suspicions switched multiple times. (Clearly I’m not giving anything away!!)
Come the end though, I wasn’t expecting it at all!!
There wasn’t as much action as I’m used to, aka no over dramatic fight scenes or anything too off the wall crazy, but it was still a good mystery book. I think J.K Rowling is a wonderful author. I hear she plans to write more under this pen name, so I’m interested to see what else she writes un this series…I guess I should say “he” write, since I’m sure she plans on continuing to publish under this name. Maybe the next book will be better? Once “he” gets used to writing this sort of story. She’s shown the ability to write any different types of stories, which is amazing. It’s great to read more “adult” stories written by her.
Jeff Klima has written a dang good book here about quite the morbid subject. I really like how he explains it in a very void-of-emotion way though, it makes it intriguing to see how people work in that kind of industry, aka the industry that cleans up after deaths. Say someone was murdered, the bodies are removed and the house has been picked over by the cops. Someone has to clean up, and that’s when these guys show up. One of my co-workers actually knows someone who works in the crime scene clean-up industry, which is pretty cool! Jeff Klima has certainly seen some weird things in his years….without a doubt! A fun read! There were a lot of situations that he was in that I’m not sure I’d be able to handle, actually I’m positive that I wouldn’t be able to handle working in those situation, and it was certainly a struggle for him in the industry.
If you’re interested in gross jobs, morbid books, and don’t really mind reading about death and the like, than this book is for you. If you don’t like reading about rather gross situations/death/murder than I’d suggest looking elsewhere for your next book!
Next on my reading list is: Game of Thrones and The Redeemer


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