Tea Time


I ordered some fan-based tea blends off of Beastly Beverages on Etsy recently. I’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival and I couldn’t wait to try them as soon as I found them in my little mail cubby!!
Team Free Will!! Sure to be tasty
I tried Dean’s tea first, very smooth blend. A sweet yet earthy flavor with a smidgen of a smoky aftertaste I’d say. In other words, the kind of tea that I love! (Just how Dean would taste I’m sure, mmmmmm!)
I’m super excited to try the other blends now!! Castiel is a black tea, and black teas are always a staple favorite! 🙂 I will be sure to be ordering more tea when I’ve used all this up! I do have a tendency to hoard a lot of tea though, oops!!
Oh almost forgot, they even sent some free samples!!! I love free samples! I’m excited to try these too!

By Jess

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