Travel Diaries – Cambria, California

Travel Diaries

Time warp back to the trip to California that I took this year in March for spring break. I took some amazing photos on this vacation, one of which I blew up onto a canvas for my mother. (Care to guess which one?) 
This is the stack of all the books I read over my 8 day vacation. I liked all the books except for When we were Friends. I just didn’t like the ending, it made me irritate when I finished it. On the other hand The Dinner was probably my favorite of them all, followed closely by The Fifty Year Sword, which is interesting in terms of story, layout, and the way it is written. 
If you want to hear more about these books let me know and I can do a post reviewing them all individually! 

By Jess

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  • Wow, those photos are super lovely! Didn't you adore the Sweet Life in Paris? It's one of my favorite memoirs :).

  • I LOVED the sweet life in Paris!! I loved all the little recipes he had listed in there, I wish I could cook better!