Books for Breakfast #9

Book Reviews

This time I read:
Divergent – Veronica Roth
Humble Pie – Gordon Ramsay
Divergent was great!! I thought it was going to be a total rip-off of the Hunger Games, but it ended up really surprising me. I enjoyed the book and now I HAVE to read the second one! The topic is interesting and I enjoy books with “utopia” themes to them. (The Hunger Games and The Uglies series) Society could end up being like that one day, you never really know. 
I adore Gordon Ramsay. I watch all the shows and what have you, so I wanted to read this book when I realized it existed. It was a great read! It actually read like he was saying it directly to you. (All that swearing, it’s in the book too….but the book, sadly, isn’t in all caps.) I like getting to know famous people’s lives, especially when they aren’t SUPER famous. If you want to know the road to being a chef, I think this is a great look into how hard it is to rise from nothing to something big. He’s a pretty great guy. 
Next on my reading list is: The Psychopath Test & Mr. Penumbra’s 24 hour Bookstore

By Jess

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