How to: Wig it out

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Okay. So I like to wear wigs. Seriously, like a lot. I love to switch up my hair style/color without having to commit to it. (Is that why I was single so long? Because I lack the want to commit to things like hair? I don’t know, I leave the psychology to the experts.) So I thought I’d talk a little about wigs and how you tame your mane to fit in a wig cap and under a wig. 

I used to have short hair that easily fit under wigs… (I was also an immature college student once…)

Then 2-3 years passed and this happened!! (My hair grows pretty fast!!)
Now it’s a bit of a struggle to get all that hair under a wig without it looking overly bulky and strange looking. But! If I can do it, then you can too! Yes? Good, let’s continue the lesson!

I always use 2 wig caps since I have so much hair. I use a wide mesh one and then a tighter mesh one on the top.

Put #1 wig cap on first! Make sure there aren’t any hairs sticking out! I always hold them down with a bunch of bobby pins!! Bobby pins are your best friend!!

(Some of my friends get their hair wet first, they stay it sticks down better wet, but I don’t like to do that) I pin down my hair in the front too, since it sticks up on the top!

Tug #2 wig cap on to force down the hair more! More bobby pins help too!! This is when you are ready to put on your wig of choice!!
Time to go out!! Wahoooo! 
Could be useful for this halloween season! Wigs are wonderful for costumes! 🙂

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