Lawrenceville Cookie Tour!!

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First let’s talk about Lawrenceville for a second, because I rarely get to go down to that borough. I didn’t even know about Lawrenceville when I first moved to Pittsburgh, until I had a class way back in my freshman year to explore other boroughs. I still don’t get the chance to go down there often, even though it’s pretty close. Anyways, I saw they were having a cookie tour! A lot of small businesses set up little tables inside with cookies and recipes!! The tour goes until Sunday and covers an awesome range of businesses! (I think I may try out a new salon!)

I got to get a lot of recipes for cookies and taste a bunch of them too!! (I did save some for the boyfriend since he couldn’t make it though, I’m so nice, right??)

I got to check out a bunch of new shops I hadn’t been in before too, like Jules, which I am certainly going back to once I get my next paycheck! It’s a little boutique and the owner was super sweet! We chatted a bit about cats and how she hosted a cat adoption drive in her store! Cool, right?? The clothes are also adorable and completely my style!

But I ate this one! I love rice krispy treats! Yum! (This one was made by Jules too, by the way!)

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