I’m sponsoring a Giveaway!!


Hey guys! I’m sponsoring a giveaway over on Sometimes Z Takes Pictures!
I love her blog so much and I’ve been a sponsor of hers for a while! Go enter and win some books and a journal from yours truly!! 
The books are awesome! Let’s Pretend this Never Happened was HILARIOUS! I was laughing so hard when reading it that people stopped and asked me what I was reading! It’s the life story of a blogger actually and let me tell you, she had a pretty crazy life!! You’ll be laughing for hours and snickering long after you’ve put it down!
Finish this Book is a blast too! I love the books you have to interact with, like Wreck This Journal? They make traveling fun, especially if you’re trapped in the backseat with the luggage, or wedged between travelers on a plane!! It is the holiday season, so you might want some travel fun! 
Also, a journal! Because writing down ideas is fun! I always carry a number of journals/notebooks/sketchbooks with me to write down spontaneous ideas or draw pictures! 
So, head on over and enter right here!! Good luck!

By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!