A Bookworms DIY Christmas


This Christmas I’m doing a mix of shopping in stores and some DIY gifts! I spent the greater half of the day writing up my shopping list of ingredients and making a list of who is going to get what! So, I decided to share my DIY project list with you guys as well! I’m really excited to try some of these! 
(I hope none of my friends are reading this…or else I’ve just spoiled a whole bunch of things!!)
Image from Girl. Inspired
This looks so awesome! I am planning to give these too basically everyone on my gifting list as stocking stuffers! I wonder if I can mail this to some friends too…hmmm! I can’t wait to see what combos to make! 
Image from Yumsugar
This looks so ungodly good!! I LOVE hot chocolate, so clearly I want to share this love with some friends for these cold months! I’ve always wanted to gift something like this! I love recipes in jars!
Image from the Idea Room
I’ve been eyeing this on Pinterest for quite a long time…and not it’s finally time for me to make this!! I think this would be great in those mocha bottles from Starbucks, I should buy a few and drink them…I mean, I DO get that nice barista discount and I’m even going to reuse them! Cool beans! 
I also might make some of this for myself…
Image from Savvy Sugar
I have a cute little heart shaped ice tray, so I think that will make the perfect mold! I also want to experiment with some scents! The good thing is that making these is pretty close to making the lip balm, so I won’t need to buy too much more new ingredients! 
I might end up hoarding these as well…
Image from Idea Room
This is super cute and I could basically give this to everyone on my list, well not everyone, but certainly a vast majority! It’s adorable, and I just got a BUNCH of awesome cookie recipes from the cookie tour! So I have so much cookie knowledge to gift! 
Image from Beautiful Mess
I’ve been interested in doing a shirt like this, so now I’m trying to think up some nice designs. The boyfriend said I can re-do his wardrobe if I so choose, and I’ve had some designs in mind for others over the years…it’s time to make those a reality!!
Image from Idea Room
I swear, I love all the crafts off this blog! Ah! But I’ve been meaning to do this whole soap thing for a while, and now, now I feel like I can do it! These recipes look so adorable and look like they’d smell so good too!!
Do you have any awesome DIY gift ideas? I’d love to see them! Share them in the comments!! I love making DIY gifts!!

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