Current Obsession: BSG


Are you ready for my geek out of the month? Well, even if you aren’t it’s going to come out. I rarely share my geek-ings on here, but with this cold weather, I try not to venture out all too often. (Penguins slip on ice, what hope is there for me??) So instead I got tricked into watching something that deep down inside I knew would be a terrible (wonderful) idea. That thing is….
Battlestar Galactica 

You don’t know what that is? That’s okay. Let me tell you all about it. It’s a really cool story and something I didn’t even think about watching before, until my boyfriend (who has seen it about 4 times all the way through…or maybe more, I’m not quite sure) wanted me to watch it. Imagine people made robots, that actually look quite creepy, and they rebel then flee. Years and years later, after people assume they won’t ever come back, BAM ROBOTS ATTACK! Everything goes horribly wrong and here you meet the important, and lovable (well some of them are lovable) crew of the Battlestar Galactica, which is a war ship. Cue space chases and battles and drama and incoherent screaming from me over a lot of things.

I’m starting season 3 right now and can’t wait to start it! (But apparently I have to wait till the man has time to watch it with me…so soon it will be marathoned!!) It’s all on Netflix, including the original BSG which aired in the 80s and the prequel as well (called Caprica). This is a whole fanbase/culture, which I still know basically nothing about.

I love Starbuck!!

I also want to add that wow, the graphics and CGI in this is actually really good. I was surprised, I expected it to be not so good. I used to watch a lot of stuff on SciFi (back when it was still called that and was actually a good channel) and I got used to the relatively awful graphics. See for example: my Tremors DVD collection, I’m not even afraid to tell you that I loved that movie to death. Watched it about every week.

This show really hooked me in. I was a little surprised, but now I just want to watch it whenever I have free time!! IT’S SO INTERESTING!!

So, if you are looking for a SciFi fix, go and watch BSG, you won’t be disappointed!!

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