Books for Breakfast #17

Book Reviews

For a nice balanced and nutritious meal, the reads this time were:

I read Divergent, the first book in the trilogy, a while ago. My cousin read it first and told me to read it, so of course, I can’t turn down a recommendation to read a book so I went out and picked up the first book. I LOVED it, you can read my review about it here. So, I gave myself some time and then picked up number 2. (The last one is coming for Christmas I think!) I like this story a lot, I love the whole “not-so-perfect utopia” stories where they collapse because of uprising. Insurgent flows perfectly from Divergent and the story builds, there is a lot of action in the start of this book (and some drama too, which can be expected from those “young adult” stories). 

The second book ends on a shocking cliff hanger! AUGH! A lot of questions are answered in this book and it’s action packed the whole way through. The lead girl (Tris) was getting on my nerves for a bit though, but that’s just me I think. I can’t wait to read the last book, I’ve heard positive and negative things about the ending so I’m curious. 

Let me just start by saying wow! The opening lines of this book are pretty killer. I like books like that, hooking me in the first page is always a plus. On that same note though, while I love his books, they certainly aren’t for everyone. This one in particular follows the escapades of a guy who attends sexaholic meetings which leads to well…you know. SO. Keep that in mind when thinking about reading this book (or Haunted for that matter, that has some disturbing things in it too) The characters in this are so interesting, which is a common trait in Palahniuk’s books. I really like Victor, he’s tragic, very tragic, and I enjoy tragic characters who struggle. Not to mention, it’s also relatively funny, you have to snicker at some things that happen in this story. It’s a strange book (and apparently a movie too?) it goes pretty deep into the human psyche about self hatred and one mans attempt to convince himself that he is a selfish asshole. Quite intriguing. I’m curious to see how they turned it into a movie actually. Remember though, this is a gritty, sleazy, rough around the edges story with a lot of intimate details you may not want to read. See: lots of sex

Also see: gory-ish details of the human body

Next on the menu is: A Storm of Swords & Dewey’s Nine Lives 

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