Books for Breakfast #19

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On the menu this time was:
A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin
Dewey’s Nine Lives by Vicki Myron & Bret Witter

A Storm of Swords was a faster read than the previous 2 books in the Game of Thrones series. It also made me send angry texts to my boyfriend (he read it before I did) when certain things happened. I got a little ruffled. It’s certainly an interesting series and I have the 4th book on my shelf ready to read at some point in the near future. My boyfriend hasn’t read it yet, so I’ll soon be ahead of him! So this time he can text me when things happen that he wasn’t expected/didn’t want to happen. I will stand by my original point of: Never love any character in this book unless you want a broken heart. Seriously. I am not joking. 
I still haven’t seen the series on HBO, I should probably get on that too. It’s hard to talk about this series without giving things away, but it’s a hefty undertaking to read these books. Mainly due to length (the third book was over 1100 pages!) but also because they aren’t that easy to speed read because you have to pay attention since each chapter is from a different characters point of view so you have to remember who did what and who is where. This book really starts to get into the religious undertones of the series. There are multiple gods/goddesses in this series and you begin to question which ones are right and which ones are real gods. At least my all time favorite character is still alive and kicking butt all around…and hope that continues!!!! *fingers crossed*
Also, can I just say that the end of this book I just didn’t know what to do, but my reaction basically went like so: OMG WHAT YOU CANT BE NO THIS IS COOL BUT THAT’S STILL CREEPY AND WHY HOW WHEN BUT THAT TIME AND THE THING AND OMG WHAT EVEN!?!
So yeah, there’s that. 

My boyfriend got me this for Christmas to keep with his cat theme for all my gifts, which I loved! I read the first Dewey book and recall crying at certain points (mainly the end), because really, the only way to assure my tears is by having the book be about cats. This is a collection of kitty stories that are not all about Dewey, but that’s what made it a joy to read! I love kitty stories!!
I CRIED THROUGH ALL THE KITTY STORIES I AM A TOTAL MESS!!! Introduction? I cried. Story 1? I cried. Story 2? Cried again. I think you get the point. I found myself really touched by this book because these were stories by people like me. People that created deeper bonds with pets than they did with other people. I know how it feels to loose a cat that is more than just a house pet. Reading about other people’s experiences with their cats really made me think about Marble and well, tears happened. We had so many great times and she filled my (relatively lonely) childhood with joy and companionship that I never truly found in another person.
Honestly though, it’s probably not a book for everyone. It’s all about cats and people who loved/were touched by cats. I cried like a little baby, so if you don’t like crying over books in public places than you probably shouldn’t pick this up. But if you’re like me and apparently love to season your tea with tears out in public while old ladies pat you gently on the shoulder, then this is the cat book for you.
My favorite stories from the collection were: Spooky, Cookie, and Marshmellow.
Marshmellow might have been my all time favorite, because I feel like I had a lot in common with the girl who wrote that story. You better believe I cried like a baby.

Next on the list is: Ariel & Allegiant

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  • just you wait until you get to the 5th volume 😉 that was the moment I bought an e-book reader ;))) So… who's your fav?! 😀

  • Oh gosh!! I have yet to get to the 4th! But I hope it's face paced!
    My favorite is probably Daenerys! Second favorite I'd say Arya. Do you have a favorite character? 🙂

  • Sofia Miacis

    Ah funny my favorite is Daenerys and Jon, and second is Arya. I'm really obessed with those books. I started reading the first one a long time ago, since it was published here in Portugal, nobody talked at the time about George Martin. And I was scored since the beginning!

    And watch the show, while the story is fresh… but I honestly stop watching at season 3 :

  • Jon certainly comes in a close second with Arya! I'm really glad his story picked up in the third book, he was always so awesome! They are awesome books!

    I know that season 4 is supposed to start sometime soon and is about the second half of book 3. I have always meant to watch the show.