Sorta Cooking: My favorite Lunch


This is easy food, so it’s not really like I’m sharing an enshrined recipe that has been passed down through the family through ancient scrolls. BUT! This is without a doubt my favorite lunch of all time…what is it? You may ask, wondering why I’m dragging this out for so long…well…you’re right I should stop now.

It’s grilled cheese and soup!!
(If that was a let down, I apologize)

I’ve always been a relatively terrible cook (meaning I rarely ever cooked anything) so I relied on my dad/mom making me grilled cheese for lunch quite frequently. Now, I rely on my boyfriend!! (That’s a step up right??) For soup, well, I don’t like tomato soup at all, though I do like ketchup, eating tomatoes whole, and tomato sauce….but tomato soup to me is like warm ketchup and that’s just strange. So instead I always get different kinds of soup!

The original plan was to grab soup from Eat Unique, my favorite cafe that located just a few blocks away from where I live. It’s a great little place with THE BEST soup ever!! But, sadly, they weren’t open when we were making lunch, so instead we used some boxed soup I got from Whole Foods! (Not as good at Eat Unique, but I shouldn’t be so picky!)

Do you have a favorite lunch? Or a favorite soup? I want to try making a butternut squash soup from scratch one of these days!

By Jess

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  • Not a let down at all! I love me some grilled cheese and soup. My mom used to make mine with pickles (the grilled cheese that is) so if you are feeling ambitious, I recommend that tiny edition. So happy I popped over :] What a happy blog

  • Yum!! I'm all about soup and grilled cheese! Definitely some of my favorite foods! Looks so so delish!

  • Thank you! That sounds really interesting, I do love pickles….I will have to try it!!

  • Ooh grilled cheese sounds yummy. That and BLTs are pretty much the only sandwiches that taste good on the gluten-free bread that I rarely buy. And my favorite soup is a toss-up between either split pea or clam chowder.

  • I love BLTs too! They are also super easy to make, maybe I need to stock up on some bacon! I've only ever had one blow of clam chowder that I've liked and that was at the Charthouse restaurant. I love crab bisque though!!