Books for Breakfast #20

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This time on the menu was:
Ariel by Sylvia Plath 
Allegiant by Veronica Roth

This was a Christmas gift from Sarah, along with the loveliest letter I’ve ever received and my boyfriend admits that he probably won’t be able to top, because she knows that I lack poetry books in my life. (And on my shelf) So she told me that this was a great first poetry book to have. She also suggested to me The Bell Jar (also by Sylvia Plath), which was an amazing book that I really enjoyed…so I take everything Sarah suggests to me as high priority to read! 

If you know anything about Plath, then you know that she’s rather morbid. This set of poems is very dark, depressing, morbid, slightly confusing, and very out there. It was an interesting collection, to say the least, though I enjoyed the read. Poetry reads a lot differently than novels (at least for me) I find myself re-reading lines over and over and making different connections to the words. 
Out of the collection I liked Lady Lazarus the best, I found it very striking, though it is also very depressing. Wintering was another poem I found pulling me in. She wrote a few poems with frequent mention of bees (which I’m terrified of) and Wintering was one of those. The Munich Mannequins was another poem I found interesting. Sylvia is, without a doubt, a poetic with unusual style. Her poems make you think, even though they are bleak, they can stir your mind.
My boyfriend hates them though, he doesn’t like depressing things that seemingly have no reason. Though he does listen to depressing music basically all the time!
It’s a poetry book for a rainy day with a cup of earl grey tea at your side (because earl grey tea has natural antidepressants in it to hopefully counter act the poetry). If you read it on a sunny day you will just depress yourself.

At first I found myself thrown off since this book flips between the POV of Tris and Four every other chapter or so. Since the first book was solely from Tris’s POV, I became used to that and so suddenly reading from Four’s POV sort of threw me off and I kept wondering why Tris was thinking about things until I remembered that it was Four. Now, this book really explained the direction that the previous two books were moving towards, which I found pretty interesting. I wasn’t quite expecting some of the things that are revealed in Allegiant.
The book was a really fast read! I understand why some people have an issue with the ending, it’s not something that seems to come about often in books of this genre. I almost cried, it’s as depressing as it is uplifting at the ending. After finishing it, I decided that I liked how the series handled the dystopian future and the explanation they gave as to how the world got there. While it wasn’t my favorite series I’ve read, it was still better than some others I’ve read in the past. I’m glad Roth did what she did with the ending, I think it was a long time coming, almost hinted at before, almost like it had to happen.

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  • I haven't finished Allegiant yet, but I know what's coming. So far I find it moving along at a good pace and while we're getting a lot of information from outside its also pretty interesting. I'm not in love with going back and forth between Tris and Four's POV, but I understand why she did it.