Recent Obsession: Korean Movies


My fellow barista, friend, and former film major always shares with me movies he thinks I’d like to watch. Recently he was on a Korean movie kick and gave me 3 AMAZING movies that I just have to share with you! 
They are all currently streaming on Netflix, in case you were wondering!  Though, they are all subtitled, though that’s the way I like it. Foreign movies are always fun to watch, in my opinion! 
This movie was so adorable, I just couldn’t take it! The movie follows a group of friends, who all have outrageous personalities. It’s quite adorable and endearing.  It parallels two time lines, high school and then when they are all middle aged. One of the girls is trying to organize a reunion for the group when they are older and is searching all over to find them. It’s a beautiful story about friendship and the bonds we share. I teared up a little at the end, it was just a beautiful story with some comedy in it as well! The soundtrack itself made me giggle. 
A Werewolf Boy.
I cried at the end of this one, not going to lie! It was a bitter sweet ending, but it had to happen! It’s about a family who moves into the country and in their barn they find a wild boy who can’t speak and appears to be raised by dogs! The oldest daughter undergoes the task of trying to train him. It
200 Pounds Beauty.
This movie is fantastic! I’ve been giggling like mad! It’s about an overweight girl who has a beautiful singing voice (and is also a phone sex operator). They use her singing to cover up the fact that a famous singer (beautiful and thin) can’t carry a tune at all. Sick of everyone using her only for her voice she gets full body plastic surgery to start over and changes her name. It’s amazing. 
Have you seen any good movies recently?

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