Barista Banter (Revived) #6

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I mentioned Barista Banter last month and I wasn’t just saying it! I really wanted to start it back up! I’ve worked at different stores and each one is full of fun and exciting people. It’s never really a dull day at our store. 
So here it is! The return of my little comic called Barista Banter! I hope you enjoy!
There was never a dull moment at my old store. This actually happened too. We would leave the back door open sometimes in the summer for deliveries and a snake wandered in once. It was awesome.
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By Jess

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  • Oh my god, a snake!! I was walking up a hilly road once that has trees on either side and was able to step on what I thought was a rubber snake, when it jumped up. I screamed and ran up the hill! Never walking up that hill again!! 🙂

  • Oh wow, what a crazy story!! Loved the comic 🙂 Glad I found your blog through Sara's!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  • Oh gosh! I used to live in the woods so I saw snakes everyday haha!

  • Thank you!!