Books For Breakfast #23

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A tasty breakfast of the following reads:
A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin
Police by Jo Nesbo
I’m slowly making my way through this series, because I know I’m going to have to wait years until book 6 comes out…but I’m already done with book 4! What am I going to do? (Watch the show! Everyone yells at me) Yes, yes, I’ll probably start watching the show, fine! Anyways. So far in this series, my least favorite book was #2 and my most favorite was #3. Book 2 was sort of all planning and plotting without having much action. Book 3 was when all the action that was built up via plotting in book 2 was unleashed and it was a crazy book that made me scream and wail to my boyfriend a few times! (Part of book 3 = Season 3 of the TV show, if you were wondering) 
Book 4 isn’t as boring as book 2 was, in my opinion, but it isn’t as crazy as book 3 either. It’s a nice middle ground. Book 4 has more of the plotting and building up the characters after what happened to them in book 3. Almost like: WOW ALL THIS TERRIBLE STUFF HAPPENED so now let’s see how everyone is handling all that crap, are they doing okay? Or are they failing miserably? 
That’s book 4 in a nutshell. There is a lot of build up here, like A LOT. The ending sets up a lot of things that could potentially blow up in book 6 (Kinda Spoiler: Book 4 & 5 parallel each other in the same time frame but with different characters)
Now it’s time wait a while before picking up book 5! (Maybe a month or 2? While I hope desperately that book 6 comes out in 2016 or sometime sooner!!)

My dad didn’t think there would be a next book for the Harry Hole mysteries after The Redeemer came out…but clearly he was wrong! Police came out last October in the USA Harry is in it…well….sorta. I can’t obviously spoil anything if you haven’t read any of the other books, especially if you haven’t read The Redeemer since I basically screamed at the ending and almost threw things. (It was not what I was expecting/wanted to happen at all!!! It hurt!)
I also freaked out multiple times in this book and had a love/hate relationship with the ending. There will clearly HAVE to be an 11th book or else I will flip out! Nesbo’s mystery writing never disappoints. I had no idea what the twists would be, and every time I thought I knew what was going to happen, I was totally wrong.

Next on the reading list is: Girl, Interrupted and whatever else I get my hands on! It will be a mystery!

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