Travel Diaries: Katsucon

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This is something I have gone to every year for the past 3 years. It’s an anime convention. Wow. What’s that? You mean you like that stuff?  It’s a gathering of people who appreciate and love anime/cartoons/comics/art and it’s a blast! Yes, I do! Whereas a lot of people think “pokemon” right off the bat, it’s a lot more! In fact, Disney even produces anime…you know, Studio Ghibli? If you liked Spirited Away or Kiki’s Delivery Service, then you like anime!  
The convention always takes place in Feburary, and for the past 2 years it’s been mild. Sadly…this year…not so much. A winter storm hit the EXACT day we left (Thursday night) and threw Washington DC into a total panic, state of emergency panic. Now, I’m from Erie, which is currently #1 in terms of snowfall this year (107+ inches) so I don’t really get phased with the snow. I don’t particularly like driving in it, but I’m good at driving in it. The drive down ended up being fine though! only 10 minutes of snow…the drive home on the other hand…4 hours of snow out of 5! AUGH!

It takes place at the Gaylord hotel and convention center, which is fantastic! It’s gorgeous and there are a lot of places to take photos, though with all the snow it was so cold!! 

If you’ve never heard of/been to an anime convention. It’s a lot of fun! They play shows on TVS in certain rooms, there are panels hosted by voice actors, there are panels where you can learn things like dance or cosplay tips, there are tons and tons of fantastic costumes to see, balls, dance parties, artist alley, dealer rooms where you can buy goods, and more! It’s awesome!! We got to eat some AWESOME food too! Yum!
I don’t talk about how much I like anime, so sometimes it feels like I live a double life. But now you know! 

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  • Wow, this looks like so much fun!! I've never been into anime myself, but I bet it's a blast to go and interact with people in costume! I would end up taking a million pictures and asking everyone how they made their costumes!

  • It's so much fun! Everyone is really nice and I always make a lot of new friends! 🙂 I normally do take a million pictures! hahaha!