Books for Breakfast #25

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For a wonderful breakfast, this time I read:
Brain on Fire by Susannah Calahan 
Looking for Alaska by John Green

There was something intensely fascinating yet at the same time completely horrifying about this story. It is an autobiography of a girl, seemingly healthy, who completely looses herself for a month to a horrific disease that is described as her brain being on fire. Scary, right? It’s interesting from the medical and psychological side, as she explains her symptoms and all the testing they had to do on her to figure out the drastic change in her personality. She became a completely different person, and she barely remembers parts of it. I’ve read a few books like this before, because I’m interested in topics like this. Especially the cases from the book The man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat, which tells of different disorders and the way they affected the people who fought with them daily. It ended up being a quick read and I recommended it to my dad, who likes stories like this as well.
It really makes you think about how fragile the human body and mind really is. It’s also scary because it shows how you can loose yourself, and your personality so quickly and become somebody completely different. Freaky!

After reading Fault in Our Stars, I wanted to read more by John Green, so I picked up Looking for Alaska, after seeing so many awesome iconic quotes from it on various websites. True to Green’s style (At least from what I know) it’s a tragic love story that made me gasp from time to time. The lead boy reminded me a lot of myself, with the lack of social interaction and complete lack of a circle of close friends. Though, I never really had the initiation into a cool, live fast die young-type group of kids in high school to change myself. 
I really liked this story though, since it showed a kid changing and becoming someone new through falling in love. Even though it is heart breaking, it’s still an amazing book. Full of great quotes and interesting characters. Also, I don’t know if you remember my banned books post, but it was one of the most contested books in 2013! Parents don’t like it! 

I don’t know what’s next on my reading list yet, but I’m open for ideas! I have quite a hefty list already, but there is always room for more!

By Jess

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