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I allowed myself one purchase at Katuscon, and it had to be something that was useful and not just a figure or something like that. So, I picked something I had been eyeing for a while, a kigurumi! If you aren’t familiar they are adult sized onsies that look like various animals. They are SO COMFY and super adorable as well! (Also, not associated with furries, gosh, don’t stereotype) They are perfect for lounging around in while watching netflix and they are so warm! 

The materials I used were:
9 buttons
2 1/2 yards light orange polar fleece
1/2 yard dark orange polar fleece
1 1/2 white polar fleece
1/2 yard lining fabric for the hood (I used some scraps I had lying around my house)
Elastic (comes in a pack of 4 yards)
scraps of black and pink that I had lying around
thread (in orange, white, & black)
Stuffing (For the nail and nose)
Tracing paper & a sharpie (For the patterns)
I barely had any scraps left, and I probably could have used another 1/2 yard of white to make some pieces a little wider (especially the hood).
  I used the tracing paper to trace along my kigurumi, adding a bit of a allowance on the edges. Though I probably could have added a larger allowance. I named each piece and wrote directions on each pattern for what should attach to it and where. 

All the cut out patterns! 

I use a VERY OLD Viking Husqvarna sewing machine that can’t actually change sewing settings, so I can only sew one way, which can be a bit of an issue sometimes. Aka, this means I can’t sew button slits, which was a debbie downer for this. I need to get it taken and looked at, probably. 

The base pieces sewn together! There are pockets AND a stuffed tail! 

It took me 4 days, of about 3-4 hours of sewing each day to complete. There were some minor issues, especially with the elastic….the elastic wasn’t the best quality, it didn’t stretch very easily. I also probably should have used felt for the details on the face instead of polar fleece. Not to mention, the hood needed to be a little bigger, it was a bit tight, in my opinion. Still, I’m happy with how it turned out, and now we match! 

By Jess

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  • This is so awesome! You did a fantastic job of making this!! I love the mention of furries! Cracked me up!

  • Thank you!! 🙂

  • This is so cool! haha Thanks for linking up.

  • Hanna Sharp

    Would you happen to have a pattern for this?

  • I used my own kigurumi for the pattern, it's all on pieces of tracing paper actually D: sorry!

  • Hanna Sharp

    Its ok! I'm just looking to make my own and thought you could help! did you sew on the stripes or hot glue them? Im terrified mine will look messy if I sew them.

  • I actually sewed mine on! The probably with hot glue is that it can get hard/lumpy. If you stitch close to the edges it doesn't look too messy! You just have to focus and try to follow a seam allowance closely, I strained my eyes really hard while sewing all the stripes on haha!