Travel Diaries: The Maryland Voyage

Travel Diaries

This past week was my boyfriend’s spring break, so we planned a trip to Maryland to visit his family and to explore the area! It was a total blast! We did a LOT of relaxing, listening to music, talking, and just chilling out, which was a lovely change of pace. We were trapped together in a car for a total of 8 hours (there and back) and still aren’t tired of each other, so that’s a victory! We also celebrated half a year and got sushi, which was WONDERFUL and the service was so fast! Now that I’m thinking about it, I want sushi! 

I got to meet the kitty, named Tiger, who isn’t really a people person but he let me pet him a few times and bumped his head with mine. A+ in my opinion! We also strolled down a lovely lane in Ellicott City, where we did some shopping and I got to try an elk burger for the first time! I got a chocolate covered strawberry that was MASSIVE!! Seriously, it was the size of my hand and so good! mmmmmm! I’m excited to head back sometime in the future and do some more exploring!
We also hopped down to DC as well, but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow for those photos!

By Jess

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