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I’ve done a lot of traveling in my days. From family vacations, from road trips alone and with friends. I’ve done the touristy things, followed guide books, hung out solely with locals, ignored guide books, and everything in between. I love to travel, see new places, try new foods, and my personal favorite…finding awesome local bookstores!
Of course, like every traveler. I’ve done a lot of the obvious touristy things like seeing monuments, visiting museums, and the normal things. But, more often than not…I prefer to go off the beaten path and do more adventurous things! Sorta like creative tourism, instead of plain jane tourism! 
Some exciting things I’ve done in the past:
Climbed a waterfall & went off-roading in Jamaica!
During a stop off in Jamaica, I climbed a waterfall with my cousin. That in itself was pretty intense and heart pounding. Which reminds me, I’ve always went to cliff dive sometime! Then we went off roading in a jeep, with a guide of course, and tried a bunch of native fruits. There is seriously nothing I love more than trying new foods! 
Staying with family friends in Switzerland! 
We have some friends with family in Switzerland. So, during both our visits there, we always stay in the small inn in the city and blend in with the locals. (Well, I try to blend in with the locals) There is something I’ll never forget about the breakfasts they served! A platter of meats and cheeses, with the richest hot chocolate I’ve ever had! It was to die for! For a few nights I stayed with my friend’s family, who didn’t speak much English. (Well, my friend’s did obviously) It was great though, and I learned a lot about Switzerland because of it. 
Exploring in Venice! 
While my parents went off to the restaurant suggested on the Food Network…I on the other hand asked a local where the best place for pizza was. We were on a tour, so I took some of the others and we found this local place, with decently priced food, fantastic drinks, and the BEST PIZZA EVER! I wish I could remember the name of the place, but well, I lost all my luggage so I didn’t have any way to document it! But I still remember how to get there from the hotel! The pizza was put out on this long board all the way down the table and oh my goodness! The waiter was awesome too, he sat with us, talked about Venice and did shots with us. Certainly one of the best nights of that vacation!
Also, I should mention my parents weren’t pleased with their restaurant at all. Bummer!
Things I’d love to do in the future:
Tour amazing bookstores/libraries around the country and world! 
There are so many out there to see. Holland, Italy, China, and the USA! I just want to chill out in awesome bookstores all over, buy some books, and read to my little hearts content! With all these dang e-readers out there, someone has to keep bookstores alive and thriving…and it might as well be me! I failed to keep Borders alive, but no matter, I will succeed in the end! (Hopefully!)
Take a sushi making class in Japan!
I’ve never made sushi before, though I do plan to try in the near future. Still, I think it would be a blast to actually take a class while in Japan! Actually, I just really want to go to Japan! I’d love to check out the fashion scene there and do some touristy things like visiting the temples obviously! Which reminds me of another thing…
Visit the Cat Island in Japan! (Tashirojima)
Seriously, how could I ever pass this up? There is an island with a bunch of stray cats. It’s basically where I was meant to be! Right? Well, maybe not…but I’d certainly like to go there and play with the cats, photograph the cats, and just see what life is like on that island! 
Attend a Korean concert, more specifically VIXX! 
According to my friends that love kpop and my friends who have actually been to Korea/concerts, they are a lot different than concerts over here. Specifically the fan base. Not to mention, sometimes foreigners can get special perks. (Or so I’m told) It would be a complete BLAST to see a band live there, I would probably be freaking out. It’d be like the Backstreet Boys, only 100x better and with cooler clothes/dancing. 
Make cheese somewhere in Europe! 
I saw Gordon Ramsay make mozzarella cheese from a buffalo, and gosh darn it, I want to try making cheese too! It seems complicated, and kinda weird, but still pretty awesome! Then I could pair it with a local wine and some crackers! Mmmmm that sounds like a lovely day! 
Have you done anything really exciting on a vacation? Or is there something huge on your bucket list that you really want to do/go/try? Planning vacations is so much fun! There is just so much to do out there in this big wide world! (And so many books to read too!) 

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By Jess

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  • You climbed a waterfall and had amazing pizza in Italy?! So jealous! A bookstore tour of the world / country sounds delightful! I would take non stop pictures! I love me some sushi, so learning to make it and in Japan no less would be amazing! I really hope you accomplish all of this!

  • Kay

    Awesome adventures!! I've only climbed one waterfall, in our local area. It was back in high school; I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to do it at this point in my life! Exploring Venice sounds amazing. . .I can't wait to take my first trip out of the country!

  • Thanks! I've climbed a waterfall in my hometown too, but it was a baby in comparison! Taking trips out of the country is so much fun! There is so much out there! So much to do!!

  • Mmmmm sushi is one of my favorites! Thanks! I hope I can do it all too!

  • And now I have a bad case of wanderlust! Touring libraries? Ahhhh! <3

  • Olivia

    Touring libraries and bookstores?! How did I not think of this!!!

  • So many exciting things! And I agree…Venice = BEST PIZZA EVER!