Books for Breakfast #26

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For breakfast this time I’ve enjoyed:
A Beautiful Mind – Sylvia Nasar (A re-read)
Ajax Penumbra – Robin Sloan

I read the book way back in junior year of high school, and then saw the movie sometime after that. I don’t really remember much of the movie and the book hadn’t really stuck with me either, so I decided to re-read it recently as I’m building a to-read list for my boyfriend! He likes books full of information/science/beautiful math and stuff like that. For me, personally, the book is a little dry. It’s FULL of math terms and ideas that sort of went over my head. Though I do know a little about game theory, since I took economics in university!
The book didn’t just talk about Nash either, it went off and talked about some of the other professors he worked with and what they did in the math world. There was just so much knowledge to take in that it seemed to take me ages to read since I chose to pick it up and re-read it while waiting for my massive Amazon order to come in.
It certainly wasn’t my favorite book, I’m not going to really sing it praises. It’s interesting to see how geniuses live their lives and what they go through on the rise to the top. I want to rematch the movie though, because for some reason I don’t actually recall it being anything like what I just read at all. So  now I’m curious!

I actually meant to read something else first, but I caved and HAD to read this little gem first! This short story is the only thing ever that compelled me to get the nook app on my phone, since Ajax   is only in e-format. So, much to my dismay, I was forced to read this on my phone! Still, regardless of the format…oh my goodness I LOVED this little story! It’s 64 pages (but seems so much longer when you’re reading it on a super little screen.) and is the backstory of Mr. Penumbra. Since he was certainly one of my favorite characters in Mr. Penumbra’s 24 hour book store, I really wanted to read about his past. For only being 64 pages, it’s packed with excitement and great backstory. I’ve always loved San Francisco and since this takes place there, and spins a lovely intriguing story about the past of the city.
Also, as a nice plus. At the end, there is a list of the bookstore owner’s book picks at the end, and now I want to check them all out! Slaughterhouse Five is on the list!

Next on the reading list is: M+O 4Evr & Anthem

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