Books For Breakfast #27

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Today for breakfast I devoured two short books:
M+O = 4Evr by Tonya Cherie Hegamin
Anthem by Ayn Rand 

 I wasn’t expecting much from this book, since I bought it on a whim from Ollie’s bargain outlet while on vacation. I grabbed it since it was short and the back seemed interesting. It turned out to be a pretty decent story too, considering how short it was! It covers love, family issues, racism, questioning the future, and growing into yourself. It also flips between present day and a story about the past that O’s grandma always told her as a child, and that was a nice touch! It’s short and a very quick read.

Anthem was the best though! My boyfriend brought it up from MD for me to read. He was totally right in thinking I’d like it!! It’s very Brave New World-ish and wow, just wow. The writing style, and how it advances through the book is mind blowing. It’s brilliant in terms of looking at the human psyche, how we evolve mentally, and what it is, as people that we want/long for. The book is super short, I mean, so short that I read it in about 2 hours. It just flew by, it’s so intriguing to read as it goes on. The structure of society, the way people work, and how it goes against our very nature. It’s just, wow, such a great read!! I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about it before! I seriously recommend giving it a read if you enjoy psychology or philosophy about the human mind. Or if you enjoy books like Brave New World!

Next on my reading list is: Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk & 1984

By Jess

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  • I read Anthem a few years ago and loved it!! The story is so interesting! I've been trying to get my brothers to read it!

  • Kay

    Anthem sounds fascinating. Definitely added to my to-read list!

  • Akaleistar

    Both books sound interesting!