Books For Breakfast #27

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I’m going to interrupt the scheduled Books for Breakfast with a special read I just enjoyed!
Today on the reading list is:
Women in Bed by Jessica Keener
Now, I love discovering new authors, especially authors that have short story collections because I ADORE short stories! Especially the ones that pull you in and have beautiful wording in them. Once again, I went through the struggles of reading on my tiny iPhone 5, but, for some reason, I’m starting not to mind reading off the little screen. It’s a nice way to pass by the time, and it feels like you’re reading really fast since I’m always turning the pages! (Still not the same as a real book though!) It comes in paperback too, in case you’re not into that whole “E-Reader” thing. 
Anyways. This was a fantastic short story collection with 9 stories in it. They all take place in Boston, and some stories follow the same girl in different parts of her life. That was something I really liked about it, since you can revisit the same characters in a different setting, with different people about them. The stories were without a doubt heartfelt and tugged on my heart strings. I felt a bit of a companionship to certain stories, since I feel like I’ve had some ups and downs when it came to relationships in the past. Even though I enjoyed the overall stories, my favorite part was her writing style. Jessica’s choice of words made certain lines feel like poetry. She painted pictures about the city, the girls, and their lives, which isn’t always easy to do with shorts. They cover heart ache, relationship beginnings, endings, family, self exploration, and forgiveness. Certainly stories for the girls! 
Writing short stories baffles me, since I can never seem to find a good ending point and I just keep writing and writing with no seeable conclusion in the future. Yet, these ended in just the right place. I respect any author who can write a memorable short story! If you’re looking for a new book to jump into, or something quick to read on your morning commute, here you go! 
My favorites from the collection were probably: Secrets, Forgiveness, Bird of Grief, and Heart.
Now I bring you back to the schedule with: Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk & 1984

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