Books for Breakfast #28

Book Reviews

This time I had the immense pleasure of reading:
Squirell seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris 
1984 by George Orwell 

I’ve really come to enjoy reading David Sedaris’s books! They are always full of a dark sort of humor or are just strange and silly all together. This one in particular has all three elements. Think of it as a children’s book for adults, almost. It has goofy illustrations at the start of every chapter and all the stories are about animals. There is a story about a squirell dating a chipmunk too, so you get the title story! Though, I must say, the final story may have been my favorite, as I’m rather find of owls. There is a story that involves a cat too, but it wasn’t as entertaining as the last little story! My boyfriend brought me a bunch of Sedaris books back from MD, so I have more to read! Yay! 

1984 is something that people were surprised to hear I hadn’t read before. I seriously don’t know how I missed it, considering I had read Brave New World already and even read Anthem too. I really love dystopia stories, especially ones like this that actually go into extreme detail with explaining the structure of the society and the psychology that goes behind it. 1984 is gripping, terrifying, and generally creepy. The way that it shows how they broke down “traitors” and made them into “perfect citizens”. It’s hard to talk about the book without spoiling things, but it’s certain a book that leaves you feeling defeated and creeped out. 
Next on my list is: Slaughterhouse 5 & whatever else I decide should be next!!

By Jess

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  • These both sound great! I've actually never read 1984 either. In high school, you either read 1984 or Brave New World, and I was in the class that read the latter. A friend just gave me a copy, so I don't have any excuse!

  • I have been wanting to read 1984 since like last year but never got to it. Hopefully this will be in my reading list! 😀