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If there is one thing I love doing, it’s backing art books/comics on Kickstarter. (and other fun projects)  I recently backed a few AWESOME projects and I thought I’d cover them here because they were just a BLAST to read and I’m so glad that I backed them! 

This is such an interesting books, full of fables. I love fairy tales and learning about the culture behind them. This is full of a bunch of different artists, which is something else I really enjoyed about it. Collaboration comic books are my favorites, I love seeing all the different styles!
LOOK AT THIS QUALITY!! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!! IT’S ALL IN COLOR AND *WHEEZING* IT’S JUST TOO BEAUTIFUL! I love her style and when I saw her Kickstarter on Tumblr man I WENT TO TOWN! I had to support this project, it was just, goodness. I love this comic so much! If you haven’t heard of Ava’s Demon, CHECK IT OUT!

This is a gorgeous volume 0. It opens up the story and really draws you in! I can’t wait till she starts doing all the updates for the comic itself! If she produces the other volumes into books, you better believe I will be buying them! Her style is just beautiful and full of fantasy elements. 
Do you have a favorite online comic? 

By Jess

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  • Kay

    I REALLY need to get into backing comics and the like on Kickstarter. One of my goals this year is to get back into reading comics again, and backing them on Kickstarter would be such a great way to do that, plus support indie biz and artists. Thanks for inspiring me!
    Also, Ava's Demon looks amazing, and I'm super intrigued by the The Cloud Factory too. Off to check them out!

  • Ooh! Shiny! I never really perused Kickstarted much for books, but that all is going to change!

  • These are all so stunning!! I love Kickstarter! I haven't actually backed anything, but I really want to! I'll have to take a peek today!

  • I always end up backing a bunch of project when I go on there! I can't help it!

  • Sometimes you can find some gems on there! Normally I get directed to them through Tumblr posts 🙂

  • Ava's Demon is amazing!! Another really fun comic is called Monster Pop! It's adorable, but doesn't have a print copy yet. I hope she decides to run a kickstarter or something to print it though! I'd love to get it!

  • Kay

    I'll def check it out! Do you know if there is still a way to get a copy Volume 0 of Cloud Factory? Haven't seen anything about it on the site, but I figured I'd ask. I'm totally digging the story and artwork, and would love to buy one!

  • I'm honestly not sure, I think she's still shipping things out, so I don't think she'll sell extras until all the books have been shipped to the kickstarter backers.