Travel Diaries: Big Macs

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For the longest time now, we have been talking about doing a day trip to the Big Mac Museum (which is just a glorified McDonalds with some displays in it and some cool facts about the history of the Big Mac) Like did you know that Pittsburgh declared in 1992 that McDonalds Appreciation Day was September 25th? Cause I had no idea!!

Look at that massive Big Mac! Seriously, the main reason I wanted to go here was to get a picture with this giant sandwich. Not to mention, it was only a 40 min drive and we got some fast food outta it. Alex said the Big Macs there were pretty good, I guess I have to take his word for it because I can’t eat one, it’s too much!!

By Jess

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  • This is so funny! I had no idea there was a Big Mac Museum! Now I'm hungry for a burger!

  • I live basically up the street from this McDonald's, and yet have never been there. Summer plans!

  • It was pretty cool!!

  • It was pretty cool, and apparently they make good big macs compared to other McDonalds haha!