Best Day Ever!

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The whole point of going to Squirrel Hill (Pittsburgh borough) was to drop off my (aka my mom’s) old record player to see if we could get it fixed. But, let’s just say my experience/knowledge with the whole “vinyl” thing is extremely limited, that’s my boyfriend’s area of expertise. If I post, or he decides to post, about records sometime…then I’ll share my embarrassing story about my lack of knowledge on the topic. 
But for now….
The best day ever has begun!!

We stopped at a place for lunch after dropping off the record player called Ramen Bar. It was SUPER GOOD and you better believe I’m going back. I had a super spicy ramen, and while I don’t normally like spicy, I wanted to try something new. It was great! Also, that cool decal on the wall? IT WAS HAND PAINTED ON THERE!! The waiter noticed me taking a picture of it and told me all about it, isn’t that so amazing?!

My boyfriend’s noodles didn’t want to be eaten! So sad!

Next we went to the Exchange to pick up some zombie key toppers and he wanted to look at more records. Then MY FAVORITE part of the day was stopped at Gaby Et Jules! The shop is stunning and the pastries and desserts in the case almost made me swoon to the floor. I grabbed a box of macarons and a lemon custard type tart. (I should have written the name down) GOLLY GOSH THEY WERE SO GOOD!! The macaron flavors were so interesting like lavender, poppy, and earl grey! (which tasted JUST like the tea, I was shocked)
P.S: They can ship macarons anywhere in the continental US! 

By Jess

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