Books for Breakfast #33

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Eggs, Bacon, and Books oh my! It’s time for another books for breakfast! I’m blowing through my summer reading! Awe yeah! This time I read:
The Maze Runner by James Dashner
The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo

I shouldn’t have started a new series when I just got a boat load of books for my to-read shelf. Really, what was I thinking? Well, I enjoyed the mystery of the first book in this trilogy (4 books? I don’t know, I got the gist that the 4th book was a prequel?) and it left a lot of questions that I want answered. But! I feel like recently the young adult trilogies/series have let me down a little bit. I didn’t like the cliched cop out feeling ending of The Hunger Games, and though Divergent had an interesting twist to the ending, I don’t know how I really felt when I put it down. I didn’t enjoy Twilight at all, it just made me mad the whole way through, and The Beautiful Creatures didn’t really keep me enthralled either, though it wrapped up rather well I suppose. Uglies was all right though, I didn’t mind that ending. So, what will this book be like? Will it start out awesome and promising like these other series and then let me down in the end? I guess now I have to find out. 
I only really started it because I saw Dylan O’Brien would be in the movie (coming out in September) and he is awesome.

I feel like I’ve done a bunch of Nesbo reviews in a row, but I wanted to read this one and finally finish all the Harry Hole books that are out. (For now) I will continuously say that I love Nesbo’s books. He writes such compelling murder mysteries and I love it! I enjoyed this book because it introduced characters that are in later books and it also introduce Harry’s main love interest and I was always a bit interested in how they met. The murder mystery behind this one was so interesting, it involved soldiers from WWII and talked about PTSD and other psychological issues that I really enjoyed. I wish I would have read these in order (I say that every review) but this book would have slid right into the next book, Nemesis, like butter. After reading the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd books right in a row, I can feel like he had improved his writing style through the first 3 books, along with how he treated plot twists and his general sense of mystery. I really liked the 3rd book more than the 2nd, and 1st. Not to mention, his later books are, in my humble opinion, even better! His next book is called The Son and is a stand alone mystery, and I want to get my hands on it soon! I think it will be nice to read a mystery from him that isn’t a Harry Hole novel.

Next on the list are: A Place at the Table & Cat’s Cradle 

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