Books for Breakfast #34

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A yummy breakfast today did not include Ice-Nine, but instead Starbucks pastries! Yum! (Don’t know what Ice-Nine is? Read Cat’s Cradle!)
A Place at the Table by Susan Rebecca White
Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

I grabbed this book at Target at complete random…well okay, I was trying to find a book for my mom, couldn’t find one, and bought one for me instead. It looked interesting and was on the Target book club list, which I didn’t even know existed in the first place. It’s an personal history, growing up into oneself, loving oneself, and food, awesome food. It’s not as foodie as Cinnamon and Gunpowder was though. 
The book was a quick read, but I’m not sure if I really liked it or not. I’ve gotten tired of reading books that have terrible marriages/cheating husbands in them. It is just a Debbie downer and though the girls tend to rise above it, but it stills seems too prevelant in the book club/be achy reads. While it was a decent book, it wasn’t a favorite.

I’ve only read 1 other Vonnegut, though I’ve been told to read some others, which are now on my reading list. I actually only picked up Cat’s Cradle because it had cat in the title (Talk about a stupid reason to pick up a book, right?) Well, it turned out good for me because I REALLY enjoyed this book, even more so than Slaughterhouse Five! It’s a tale about the end of the world, and I happen to enjoy books like that. It follows a guy who is a member of a strange religion that started on an island and is writing a book about the father of the hydrogen bomb. The book using some funny made-up words that have to do with the religion he follows, which Vonnegut half-explains the meanings of, and you come to understand what they mean as you read the book. I have a thing for stories that make up their own slang, it’s cute. (I overuse the word cute.)
I am looking forward to reading more of Vonnegut’s book now, especially after this one.

By Jess

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