Summer Essentials – #SummerBloggerChallenge

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The next prompt for the #SummerBloggerChallenge is all about summer essentials/what’s in my summer bag! Summer has never really been my favorite season, I’m more of a sweater weather person, so let’s see what I have in my summer bag!
Normally I’d say sunscreen, but thanks to a recent trip outside in the sun, I’ve learned a terrible truth. That I’m allergic to either a) the sun or b) sunscreen. So! On that note, the newest summer essential for me will be the perfect floppy hat when I find it! Along with some new organic sunscreen that only has 2% chemicals in it, compared to drugstore sunscreen that is 40% chemical based. It’s expensive, but I want to try it out and see if that’s better for me. Since, you know, I would like to be able to leave my house this season.
Sunglasses are always in there! Along with a book, a sketchbook, pencils and pens are always floating around in all my bags! Snacks, in case I get hungry when I’m out and about. I recently fell in love with this kale popcorn, it’s so good!! 
Maxi skirts are one of my favorite things to wear in summer, as well as sundresses! And on that note, I normally have a razor hanging out in my bag just in case I forgot to shave the night before. (sweater weather habits, you know?) I always have lotion and hand sanitizer close by as well, I gotta keep my sensitive skin clean and moisturized!! 
Summer is also the time for flip flops!! I need to get some more colors and styles though, my other ones all broke last year! I only have one remaining old navy pair! I have been swiping my boyfriends nice new flops to run trash out and stuff though, even though they are mens size 12, they are still so nice and comfy! (I’m jealous!) 
I lost about 2-4 sizes since last summer, depending on where I’m shopping, so now I need a whole new array of shorts. The only ones that fit me are the ones I have from high school! (And that was 5 years ago!!) I’m glad I hung on to some of those things! I’m a huge fan of the colored shorts and high waisted ones as well! I’ll probably be checking out American Eagle soon to grab up some new ones! 
Finally, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take my camera with me everywhere I go! I normally bring an extra lens as well, just in case! My Nikon D5100 has yet to let me down!
Well, that my summer essential list! Hope everyone enjoys the warm weather…and don’t get sun burned! 

By Jess

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