First time Risotto & Steaks


I’ve never cooked risotto before, but risotto is one of my favorite dishes to order if I’m out! I grabbed this recipe from A Beautiful Mess, which is one of my favorite blogs ever! I added 1 tsp of lemon vest though. Although, I didn’t have a cast iron pan that I could move right into the oven from the stove top…and I think that’s why it didn’t turn out all so good for me. 
I do want to try making it again though! The boyfriend said it was all right, but I think he just says that to make me feel better about my kitchen failures. 

The real star of the dinner was the boyfriend’s NY strip steak! I grabbed them from Whole Foods and he looked up a way to cook them, since he wants to get better at cooking beef. So we drizzled them in olive oil, pepper, and salt. He then seared one side for 4 to 5 minutes, dropped a 1 tbsp pad of butter on each seared side, then moved them into the oven. There they baked for about 20-25 minutes. (or until the inside reaches your desired temperature)
They came out wonderfully! He is truly the chef of this relationship! 

By Jess

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  • Ali Hval

    Hooray for boyfriend chefs! This food looks absolutely amazing. I am pretty dang awful at making savory meals, but I can make cookies and cakes and icing like a wizard. I'd love to try that risotto some time, mm mm mm. 😀

    && b'aw! Your comment made me smile so hard. I'm glad my writing makes you smile!! <3

    Have a wonderful Thursday, miss! 🙂

  • Aw my husband tells me "it's alright" when something is totally awful. Aren't they sweet? Hopefully you have better luck (or just an iron pan – hehe) next time you make risotto! 🙂


  • Yum! Sounds like an awesome combination 🙂

    I've never moved my risotto from the stove to the oven, though I've never done a baked version, which I don't know that my tastebuds would even realize the difference, to be honest! Sometimes kitchen failures lead to much greater discoveries!

  • It's not too hard; I feel like a lot of recipes freak people out by saying "YOU HAVE TO STIR IT CONSTANTLY UNTIL YOUR SOUL FALLS OFF" but you really don't. Saute some onions, garlic; add the risotto; add a bit of cooking wine; add boiling broth to cover; boil and simmer 20 minutes without letting it stick to the pan. Then cheese. Lots of cheese. And I guess some veggies too.

    I didn't plan of giving a not-specific impromptu risotto lesson in your comments. Oops.

  • Haha, glad to help!