Books for Breakfast #35

Book Reviews

For this HUGE breakfast, I devoured:
A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin
Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown
A Dance with Dragons is the 5th book in the Song of Ice and Fire series. I’ve yet to watch the HBO show at all, except the first episode. I don’t know, I’ve always had my own head canons of the characters that I’ve created myself and sometimes I don’t like watching shows because of those. Though, I’ve heard the show is pretty good, we will see. 
Anyways, back to the book. I REALLY enjoyed this one! At 1,051 pages, it’s full of much more action (in my opinion) compared to the 4th book. Though I did like the fourth book, the fifth book was even better in my opinion! I love while reading a series and the books just keep getting better as you go on, that just makes me smile! The world building is awesome, I love all the religions that he keeps getting more and more into, and the characters are just so amazing. (Even when they always end up dying on you just when you start to like them, dang you Martin!!!) 
My favorite part of the fifth book was the different/unique naming of the narrators, the closer look in the Lord of Light religion (Actually all the religions, I find them to be one of the best parts about this whole series), and all the Dany chapters! I can’t help it, I love those dragons! A lot of things are coming to a head now and I just can’t wait for the next book! It always leaves you with some kind of cliffhanger that makes you want to scream!!
 I know I’ll have to wait quite a while…but I can do it! Maybe while I’m waiting for the 6th book to come out, I’ll actually watch the show online, instead of watching a random episode here or there.
I’m already head over heels for Adulting! There is so much to learn from this book! Especially the thing about Thank You cards, I really need to write more Thank You cards and build up my human relations skills. Reading it makes me realize some things I do that are just stupid (aka talk about injuries in public places) and that I still have some growing up to do! I must say, there is just so much great advice stuffed into this super quick read! 
Also, can I mention that I ADORE her use of words. She paints these great metaphors in your mind and I chuckled aloud a few times, along with having to share phrases with my boyfriend so he could partake in my chuckles! But, it isn’t just hilarious, the advice is very soild and important. She gives great pointers and some even sent me out the door! (Aka buying a new bath mat, toilet bowl cleaning stuff, and planning thank you cards!) while others made me think about planning a day to dedicate to them (see finances and savings accounts) 
Reading this book made me like I was an adulting genius at times and like I was a small child with low to poor social interaction skills at others, but really, that’s just how being an adult is! We all have the adult things we are good at (organization, dishes, clothing, car things) and the stuff we aren’t quite so good at. (budgeting, some social skills, making my bed) no need to feel bad about it! Adulting is a full time job in itself! 
Next on my list, I got: 2001 Space Odyssey The Scorch Trials

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