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Summer is the time for iced coffee! Though I’m not the biggest coffee fan, unless it is cream flavored coffee, I am intrigued by all the ways my boyfriend brews his cup of joe in the morning. Recently we picked up a cold brewing pour over for these hot summer months. Being a barista certainly helps in gathering all needed coffee making supplies, but I’m still more knowledgable on the tea side of things, not the coffee side. 
Anyways. Cold brewing is essentially brewing a double batch of whatever coffee you so chose, but only using the normal amount of water. So, if your normal brew was 3 scoops coffee and 2 parts water, you’d want to do 6 scoops of coffee and 2 parts water. See what I mean? Then, you want equal parts coffee and ice. So you want your pitcher to be half filled with the coffee and then fill it the rest of the way up with ice! Normally when you get a cold brewer it will explain this to you and sometimes even bags of coffee will say it on the side! Just like tea, sometimes coffee beans have different amounts for a perfect cup! Anyways, since we just got this cold brewer, we haven’t tried many types but my boyfriend’s favorites so far are:
Kenya from Starbucks
Sumatra from Starbucks
(I mean we are both baristas at Starbucks, clearly we like Starbucks coffee)
We should probably branch out a little bit. Have any suggestions?? We’d love to hear them!

Plus! I’m a part of a Target gift Card Giveaway! Hosted by Urban Cashmere!

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  • I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I love the ice coffees from McDonalds… hahaha! Literally that's the only type I've had. Starbucks is too pricey for me 😛 Although my sister buys from Starbucks and I'll always take a sip from hers, lol they are very yummy 🙂

    Super amazing giveaway! I love Target so much!! 🙂

  • Ashley Bree Perez
  • I really need to get up on my iced coffee game. I love drinking it in the summer, but as for brewing it at home, well, that's another story.

  • Soon we are going to have 4 ways to brew coffee in the condo! It's fun to brew at home, and it makes its easier to control how strong your coffee is!

  • Since I work at Starbucks I get discounts so it's not too expensive for me! 🙂 Target is my favorite shop! I always end up buying more than I go in there for though!

  • I love the smell of coffee and I love drinking it (though I can't drink it too often anymore since it sometimes gives me a stomach ache), but I'm terrible at making coffee! I need to get better at making it myself instead of just going to Dunkin or Starbucks!

  • These are beautiful pictures and it's a really helpful post. I LOVE coffee but it's so hot in summer and I've never tried to make it iced because I didn't know how. I'll have to give this a shot :]

  • Finn Felton

    I also love drinking cold coffee in summers with ice cream in my coffee. Its really make coffee more tastier. One of my favorite coffee is Kopi Luwak.


  • I like the smell of coffee, but I don't really drink it! I'm still trying to find a cup of coffee that I enjoy!

  • Thanks!! Brewing your own coffee is a lot of fun!

  • I'll have to look into that! Thanks!