Unboxing: Wii U + Ramen


Aw yeah! Recently I had the joy of unboxing the Wii U with Jt (Who used to blog over at Nerd Pop before he fell off the face of the universe, seriously, where did he go?) He was debating picking this up because it didn’t have enough games that he wanted to play on the system yet, but then there was a deal at Target and with the new bunch of Zelda games announced, well he couldn’t pass it up! 
So he brought it over to my place to break it in and play some Mario Kart!

Look at me throwing that green shell at some poor defenseless soul! Bwahahaha!! I love Mario Kart and it’s actually really fun to play it on the WiiU. I used the old wii controller with the wheel add on though. The graphics were great, it was easy to drift, and I loved the race high light wheel at the end! 

We ended the festivities with some ramen! Made with rice cakes, egg, and beef! SO GOOD! Jt is a ramen cooking master! Doesn’t that just look mouth watering? It puts that college microwave ramen to same, I assure you! It’s rather spicy too! 

By Jess

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  • Kay

    Mario Kart, YES! I just picked up a copy last week to play with my BFF and it is so much fun! Despite it making not much of a difference, I love being able to customize my kart (I totally rocked the rainbow parachute as well!).

  • Wii U looks great! I'm glad you're having fun with it!

  • That is the best date night!
    And woop woop Nintendo!

  • It's an interesting system, it looks a lot like the Wii, minus the strange handheld gameboy advance looking controller haha!

  • Indeed!! 🙂 I do love Nintendo, I can't wait for the new Super Smash Bros!

  • Niiiiice. I wanted to get the Wii U so I could play Mario Kart but life didn't agree — we are tight on money so no Wii U right now! 🙁 Maybe soon, but I'm glad you are having fun on it!! Enjoy it for me 🙂

    And those pics of Ramen look delicious!

  • Mariokart on the Wii U was the BEST! Playing it on the regular Wii doesn't feel the same anymore! haha!