Travel Diaries: Bemus Point

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Bemus Point is somewhere I always used to go as a child. We would watch music shows here, eat dinner out here, and eat ice cream on the main little street. It’s a quaint little town and while visiting my parents on a day off, we decided to take the boyfriend around and show him the places we like to go near my hometown. One of those places is Bemus Point! 

I stumbled across these cute pins! They also had book inspired scented candles! Cool! 

I’ve always been a fan of really small towns. I either love small towns or huge cities! There is something nice about that small vacation town feel, with all the cute cottages and old bed and breakfasts / inns. 

We ate lunch in this historic restaurant, it’s called the Casino. They have burgers and sandwiches, it’s a more laid back kind of place! They also have AWESOME milkshakes and man, do I love milkshakes!! Back in the glory days, this place played live music and they had a bunch of HUGE acts  like Buddy Rich and Frank Sinatra! Isn’t that crazy cool!?

It’s fun to go back to the places I used to frequent a lot when I was younger and it’s nice to share all that with my boyfriend to! When I went home with him, he took me around his own hometown and a bunch of cool places he always used to go! It’s fun to share those fun places with others! 

By Jess

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  • Small towns are cute and fun to visit! Glad you had fun and had a good milkshake 😀

  • This is great! I love the idea of sharing childhood memories with your boyfriend! I would love to do the same one day when I get a boyfriend! You learn more about each other that way! This town is the cutest!

  • Kay

    Love that restaurant. We have a diner in my hometown that has tons of memorabilia from the 50's music scene (and great food!). Love it. Also, those pins are adorable!

  • So gorgeous! I'd love to live in a quaint place that that. Do you have any nice American men near you who would like to take this Brit home with them?!!! 😉

  • I need to find this magical place!

  • I'm a huge fan of small towns! They're so adorable and quaint, like you said. They just have so much personality, and the people are (usually) super friendly. I love that they had book themed candles! How fun! I'm also a big fan of milkshakes! Mhm.

  • thanks! Milkshakes are the best, and root beer floats!

  • Yeah! It's a really nice way to get to know someone and share things about yourself! 🙂

  • It's in NY, pretty close to Erie, PA haha

  • I love places that have great history! Restaurants like that are so cool!

  • I'm sure I could find a few 😉 hahah! Quaint little towns are the greatest, I'm sure you have some cute ones near you too!

  • milkshakes are magical! I really want some book themed candles, they all smelled really nice too!