Books for Breakfast #39

Book Reviews

This time I read:
Cat Sense by John Bradshaw
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

I feel like after completing this book, I could successfully run off into the wild and become a cat myself, living freely among them, as my people. Not really, but a girl can dream right? In all seriousness, this book isn’t light reading. It has a very scientific text feel to it, with a lot of in-depth information into genes, studies, research, and experiments that have shaped what we know about cats (wild and domestic) today. It was a really interesting read that now has me spouting out cat facts to anyone within hearing range. For example: Did you know that the way cats learn to interact with people is formed within the first few weeks of them being born? Kittens that aren’t handled by the 10th week, will forever be anxious around people and probably won’t make good pets. Unless something terrible happens to them (car accident) and they are nursed back to health by someone! CATS ARE SO FASCINATING AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE!!! I actually liked how serious this book was, because while reading it, it feels like you are becoming a cat expert. Considering how complex cat’s are, I feel like this should almost be required reading for cat owners. It can help any cat lover be a better owner to their own kitties! I now feel that I am prepared to be the best cat mom ever and make sure my future kitties will have wonderful play time, fun toys, and I will ensure they do not feel anxious! (Yes, that’s right, cats can get stressed and anxious)

The most interesting part, and somewhat scary, part of this book was the final chapter “cats in the future”. It made me want to be a cat breeder someday (such as when I’m retired and could devote lots of time to kitties). Because of such intense programs dedicated to the neutering/spaying of pet cats, it could end up killing off the genes that make cats friendly towards people. Since the cats that aren’t spayed/neutered are feral cats that don’t live with people. It’s freaky! This book was a great read, at least for me, because I really feel like I’ve become more educated on cats instead of just blindly loving them without knowing much about them. 

I’m going to be completely honest about this and say that I totally enjoyed Mindy’s book more than Tina Fey’s. Maybe I just have more in common with Mindy, but it felt like I was reading something akin to my own soul. I especially understood having a friend group and then a “secret friend” and the two things didn’t really mesh together. Not to mention her best friend section, about having a to meet a boyfriend 5 times before handing down a judgement. I just really loved this book! She also had some great sections about her success that I loved reading. Oh, and some parts poked fun at guys and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy those…like the tying of shoes? It’s SO TRUE! Not to mention, that part about  slipping out of parties by saying “I’m going to the bathroom” and then just leaving instead? I seriously have pulled that so many times it isn’t even funny! I really related to almost every chapter in the book and I really liked that about it.
 I thought this book was a lot more funny and I felt like a giggled a lot more times, compared to Tina Fey’s. I mean, both books were great, they were written by different people, in a different style, and covered different things. Granted, I can’t write a review that it quite as long as my cat book review…but seriously, this book was great! 

Next up: Rendezvous with Rama & We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

By Jess

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  • I've been curious about Mindy Kaling's book! While I'm not necessarily a devoted fan of hers, the idea behind her book sounds fascinating.

  • Kay

    Adding both to my list! I haven't seen too much TV-wise with Mindy Kaling, but she seems so witty and funny that I can't imagine her book NOT being enjoyable! And the cat book because CATS.

  • I liked Mindy's book more than Tina Fey's too. I don't know why, it just clicked more. Though I totally respect and admire Tina Fey too. And the cat book? How interesting sounding!

  • Yes! I liked Mindy's book more than Tina's too! Ha, I love that I used their first names, as if I know them personally! lol I think it's because Mindy's is more about laughing at yourself and being yourself, whereas Tina's is trying to teach you something about life. Both are great, but Mindy's makes you want to read it more I think.

  • Wow, I really have to add both of these to my reading list! We just got a kitten a few weeks ago and I've been obsessively reading about cats all this time; sounds like Cat Sense would be really beneficial AND interesting 😀 Also, it's kind of a funny coincidence but I also just finished marathoning The Mindy Project today so I'm really curious about reading Mindy's book 🙂

    ~ Laura

  • I have some pages in Cat Sense tabbed so when I get a new kitten I will know some tricks to make things easier! 🙂 It was a fantastic read! I haven't watched The Mindy Project, but now I really want to check it out!

  • We totally know them right? I mean we read the books! XD haha! I totally agree with you though, Mindy's book feels more light hearted and makes it a breezy read, it has a few little life lessons, but nothing like Tina's book, that was much more about her success and how she got there.

  • I think it was just that I grew up a lot more like Mindy did and maybe that's why I found it easier to read? I love Tina Fey though, she is so awesome!

  • I knew her from The Office, because I LOVED The Office! I marathoned it recently and that's mainly what made me want to pick up her book!

  • I wouldn't consider myself a devoted fan of hers either, I've only seen her in The Office. I had heard good things about her book though, which is the reason I picked up. It was a great surprise!

  • Mindy's book has been on my list for a while and now I want to read it even more because it sounds like I would relate to it a lot, too. I need to pick up Cat Sense. It sounds like an interesting read and I can't say no to educating myself about kitties (especially since I have one).