Books for Breakfast #40

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For a sci fi breakfast this time I read two very different books, along with a lot of eggs and cherries! I read:
Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke
We are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler

I read Rama after my boyfriend put it on my shelf. Clarke also wrote 2001, which I read a little while ago. I really enjoyed 2001 and Clarke’s writing style of very realistic science fiction. On that note, I LOVED Rama! It was so interesting! I’d have to say that I enjoyed it more than 2001 actually. There is something just so mind blowing about something barreling through space, something that is suspected to the “man-made”, though in case, “alien made” might be a more proper term. 

I also enjoyed the way the different forms of government took to the object (Rama) that entered our solar system. A bit of religion came into play as well, which I considered to be pretty interesting. He certainly made the whole situation seem very realistic. Almost as if I could imagine the same sort of scenario playing out if something like Rama ever did come to pass. It’s a hard book to talk about without spoiling anything, but Clarke writes with such astounding detail that it draws you right in. I came to like a lot of the characters a lot as well, and found myself rooting for them, and freaking out whenever something dramatic happened. This book seems more plausible (I use this word loosely here) than 2001. Granted, I mean, I can’t see either of them happening anytime in the near future, but there is something about the way Rama is written, or the situation itself, that makes it seem like, Whoa, what if something like this DID happen?? 2001 requires a bit more imagination to believe something like that could happen. You know what I mean?

Even if you aren’t into the idea of science fiction, I still think you should try giving this book a read. It’s relatively short and don’t worry, there aren’t crazy aliens or anything like that…this isn’t like some late night SyFy alien horror movie or anything like that. 

I grabbed this book at Target one day just because I enjoyed the typography on the cover. I was reading it and completely forgot about what it said on the back cover, so here I was thinking something else and then BAM! I almost wish they wouldn’t have spoiled it on the back cover, because I think one of the great things about this book is the way it’s written from the girl’s perspective.
Overall it’s a pretty weird story. It talks about the animal testing industry, with medications/makeup/etc. So if things like that drive you to tears, this probably isn’t the book for you to start reading. It’s very much a story told by a girl about her very dysfunctional family and what the outcome has been for her while she tries to fit in at college. It was interesting to read, though not my favorite read this summer by far.  It went by pretty fast and the characters were rather interesting…especially the brother. 

Next time: Fangirl & The Death Cure 

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