Happy Book Lovers Day!


According to an e-mail I got a while back, today is Book Lovers Day! What better day of the year for me to celebrate!! I can lay around ALL DAY and read books in silent celebration of this glorious holiday! So to aid in the celebration, I will talk about my bookworm-ness and answer some book-related questions!

About the Bookworm: 

The bookworm began reading and then never seemed to stop. Books piled everywhere, taking over shelves, and requiring more shelving to be put into her room. The reading never seemed to stop, even during classes a book would be hidden in or under the desk, so reading could be done all through the day. This didn’t even stop when it was parent observation day. That’s right, the bookworm read in class while her mother watched dumbfounded that her child didn’t even try to hide it. Granted, the teacher never noticed, so there. The bookworm continues to struggle with shelve space issues even today, along with the ever growing to-read list that has been made worse by social media. These are the woes of the bookworm. 
The worst book related question someone could ask you?
What my favorite book is, I honestly can’t pick. Please, for the love of cats, don’t ask me to tell you what my favorite book is. I will explode just trying to compare all the books in my head. 
Least favorite book?
Also a hard question, but probably Twilight or 50 Shade of Grey. I can’t.
Character from a book that is most like you?
I’ve read a lot of books, and while reading, sometimes a character will strike a chord with me. Most recently, Cath from Fangirl seemed like my mirror image in literature. 
When did you really start getting into reading?
The third grade. I got a hearing aid then and lost all my friends because “how weird I looked with the device on my head”. Hearing aids in the early 90s were bulky and large and I don’t even want to get into the details. But anyways, that was when I really fell into reading and never looked back (or up from the book). 
A genre you didn’t think you’d like, but then enjoyed?
Science Fiction. Thank you boyfriend, for sharing good scifi books with me!
Genre you are still avoiding?
Historical Non-fiction. I don’t know, I’m bad with things like non-fiction stuff. Then tend to feel text bookish and I just can never get into them. 
Favorite local bookstore? (if you have one)
Probably Kards Unlimited, even though it isn’t solely a bookstore, but they have great section names and a little book club too. I really like them!
What does your reading nook look like?
I read on my bed mainly, or curled up in a ball on the couch! I do have elaborate reading nook plans though!
Feel free to take this questions and answer them on your own blog! 🙂 Every day is Book Lovers Day to me!

By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!

  • I did not know about Book Lover's Day! But I love it and this little survey 🙂 (I do not like Twilight and I can't bring myself to even think about reading 50 Shades either)

  • I read Twilight in the 9th grade and totally loved it… then I saw all the bimbo headed preppy girls reading it and loving and I was like "oh hell no, I am NOT on the same reading level as them." So I dropped the book and haven't read it since. I haven't even read 50 shades, it doesn't really grab my attention… I feel like it's for those lonely mommies who are a little TOO lonely if you know what I mean haha! Awe 🙁 Kids can be so mean, at least you found company in books, and honestly books are way better than people! 😛

  • Books are the best! Way better than snotty kids! I couldn't handle 50 Shades, it was so strange to read! (It actually started out as Twilight fan fiction!!!)

  • A LEVO e-mail informed me that it was Book Lovers Day! hahah! I wouldn't recommend reading 50 Shades, the writing is so weird and it just made me uncomfortable! I've also read in other places that it doesn't provide an accurate portrayal of the S&M scene, which is all the book is about….it's such a crazy/awkward/outrageous story with plot holes galore! Not to mention….the began as a Twilight fan fiction that turned into it's own original story thing….weird!!!

  • Aw man, I missed that one!

    That's the criticism I've heard of the book too. I mean, I'm glad someone who got their start writing fanfiction was able to ascend the ranks, but I could care less about that; if the writing is poor and riddled with plot holes AND doesn't respect the topic it tackles, then I'm out.

    I feel like I should read it just so I can say "I don't like it AND HERE'S WHY" from a personal standpoint. But then I just think about that Gilbert Gottfried reading of it and double over laughing xD

  • I had no idea Book Lovers Day existed. One of my high school friends used to lend me books when he was done reading them and one happened to be Twilight. I read about 30 pages before giving it back to him.

  • My answers to those questions are so similar to yours! Historical non-fiction is just so boring, imo, and I never thought I would like science fiction growing up, but I like it now!