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Once upon a time I had elaborate dreams for this little blog, back before I even started posting. I thought I’d post all about fashion, with daily outfit posts. But I’d also talk all about books and lifestyle! Not to mention I’d start cooking all the time and become a master at home cooking and post all about that as well! Clearly….that’s a bit TOO much to juggle for one girl and one blog! Instead, while I bounced around a bit in the beginning, I’ve basically finally landed on a blog about a bookworm’s lifestyle. So, on that note, I haven’t done an outfit post in what feels like AGES, so this is a nice little change of pace for the summer challenge!

Skirt: Gap // Hat: J. Crew // Shoes: Francescas // Jacket: AEO 
While I share this outfit, I will also share a funny (yet embarrassing) story of a past weekend occurrence. Let me set the stage: One of my boyfriend’s old room mates, and a recently made friend of mine, moved into a new apartment pretty close by. He wanted to explore the area so we took him out. It’s late (for me) about 10 o’clock and we are in a nice, semi-swanky, bar/restaurant combo. (With an impressive selection of drafts and really nice food) As am I not a beer fan, I didn’t have anything to drink, but instead used this opportunity to go to the bathroom. Down the back, not quite well lit hallway I go, past the kitchen door, and find the women’s room. I press on the handle and it doesn’t budge but a centimeter. Clearly it must be locked right? I glance at the men’s room, it doesn’t even HAVE a handle, it’s just a push door. Well then, clearly the women’s room is locked. I wait, a good while, 3 men have come and gone from the men’s room and now another, older, lady is standing behind me in this already cramped hallway. The kitchen door opens and a server asks, “did you push on the door?” I reply with “Well, the handle doesn’t move…” and she comes over and just pushes the door open. Well. Nice to know. 
I also entered some designs into a contest for a local non-profit, GTech, event! It’d mean a lot to me if you could support me! You have to like their Facebook page to vote, but that’s not too big of a price to pay! They do great things! VOTE HERE! Today is also the last day to vote!!
My entries are numbers 2, 3, and 4! 
Thanks for your support!

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By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!

  • Omg how embarrassing…lol! At least no one really saw that happen, except for the older lady who got behind you…but better her than 20 other people! Also, super cute outfit! Love the books as the background, it's perfect for you!! 🙂

  • I felt so stupid! I would have died if there was a line of 5 people behind me or something! 🙂 Thank you! I feel like I have to do outfit posts in front of my wall of books!

  • Kay

    Haha that would be so embarrassing! At least there wasn't a giant line! Voted for your design – best of luck (though you are killing it right now! :D).

  • Bathrooms are hard. Seriously, sometimes I just can't figure them out xD

  • It makes me happy to see your shelves as a backdrop for your outfit. It's so fitting. At least there wasn't a line behind you. I think I would have died a little inside regardless!

  • Cute outfit!! I really like your skirt and those awesome oxfords! I feel like I embarrass myself every single day, so I'm glad I'm not the only one! But it's better to stand there than to barge in on someone going to the bathroom! Voted for you!!