Travel Diaries: Maryland Crab Dinner

Travel Diaries

My boyfriend, who is originally from Maryland, shared with me the experience that is a “traditional” Maryland crab dinner. I’ve only ever eaten snow crab or king crab legs before, I’ve never actually cracked apart an entire crab in my hands before. Let me tell you…it’s quite the experience. If you don’t like your food staring at you with dead eyes, then this isn’t the experience for you.

You have the pry the shell apart, pull out the lungs (which are apparently bad for you if you eat them!!) the guts, and the green stuff….which is poop, for lack of a more eloquent term. (Apparently some people call it the “Mustard” which I find kinda gross to think about, ew) You use a mallet to break apart the shells and it takes a lot to get all that meat out! 

Popular dippings include: Melted butter with old bay, vinegar with old bay, and…well…just old bay. 
It’s quite the adventure! 
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  • Kay

    I've only ever had JUST the legs. I don't think I could smash the whole crab, not because I'd feel bad, but because crabs creep me right out. They are the spiders of the sea in my mind. I've only had a couple varieties of crab, but Alaskan King Crab legs are my favorite. So good.

  • I don't think I could pull it apart like that! I would feel really bad for the poor crab lol!

  • I did enjoy it! It was a little strange at first, but I got into it more as I kept eating! I was used to just getting crab legs at dinner, so having the whole crab in front of me was a bit of a surprise! When he first told me we were having a crab dinner I thought it would just be legs!! hahah!

  • I was the same way until this dinner!! I used to like hermit crabs until someone told me they looked like spiders in shells, and from that moment on I was scared of them. a haha! Granted, I was a lot younger then!

  • I did the first time, but I've had whole lobster before, and that's almost the same thing

  • I've always wanted to have the full crab experience, but those beady little eyes would probably get me.

  • It almost got to me too!

  • This looks so good! Now, I'm hungry and it's 10PM. 🙂

  • My bad! It's okay to have a 10pm snack every now and again! 🙂

  • I have never eaten a full crab, and I'm not sure that I could looking at those eyes and having to gut the crab. It does not sound to appealing. However, I do like crab meat when someone else has done the hard work. 🙂