Tour of the Bookshelf(ves)


The Bookworm + Boyfriend have a grand total of five bookshelves in their apartment. One to just about every room! Only the kitchen and bathroom are lacking a bookshelf. Today I will give a little tour of my bookshelves:
The bookshelf in the master bedroom used to house all of my manga, until a sold almost all of it to make room for other stuff. Now it holds some manga, reference books, photography books, and crafting supplies! It needs to be reorganized, badly. (Maybe that’s what I should do when I have some spare time) 

Also located in the bedroom is the to-read shelf. My list is on the bottom, and my boyfriend’s is on the top! This also doubles as my desk space, as you can probably see with all my pencils and pens. Also, you can probably note that my reading list is A LOT longer than my boyfriends. 

The spare room holds the mini manga bookshelf that is full of all my manga that I didn’t want to sell because I love it too much! These are great titles on here! I sorta jammed everything onto it too, oops. 

My boyfriend has a little bookshelf by his desk where he keeps all his books, records, CDs, and text books in! He’s running out of room…quick! Another shelf!!

My pride and glory is my living room book shelf that takes up the little dividing wall. It’s all arranged in alphabetical order by author last name! I recently took some older books to Half Priced Books to sell since I was almost out of room! I also keep all my DVDs in here too! (Lots of Ghibli!)
What do your bookshelves look like? 

By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!

  • I love books and have been working over the years to collect as many as possible with some dedicated thrift store hunting. I want to have a room with floor to ceiling books….girl can dream. I love the idea of having the "to read" shelve with yours and his. That's brilliant 🙂

  • I LOVE your bookshelves!! They are so pretty… especially that last one, omg! I want it 😀


  • That last bookshelf would be a dream come true for me. I just have one five-shelf bookcase that I spray painted black. When I have my own place there will be shelves everywhere!

  • Kay

    Wow, that living room bookshelf is glorious! I love that the shelves are interspersed with little figurines and things too – so great!

  • I'm so jealous of your cool bookshelves!!! I wish I had room for a bookshelf! I love how everything is displayed too! So cool!


  • Thanks!! 🙂

  • Thanks! I have a lot of little collectibles!

  • I hope to have a whole room dedicated to all my books once I move! 😀

  • Thank you! That last one is my pride and joy!

  • Thank you! I want a room like that too! A girl can so dream!

  • Angela Wiebe

    OMG I love your bookshelvese! Technically I have two in the house, but that is not enough and I am looking forward to moving and getting another one!

  • Soooo jealous of all of your bookshelves/books. It's like walking into Beast's castle (Beauty and the Beast). I had to get rid of most of our books when we moved, but we are slowly building a collection again. lol

  • Oh how I wish I had bookshelves like the Beast! That would really be a dream come true!! I'm afraid that I'll have to sell a bunch if we move too! But it's great that you're building the collection back up again!!

  • I knew I had to follow your blog when I saw the shelf full with Fullmetal Alchemist mangas! I absolutely love the series, it's my all time favorite! I can't really bring myself to throw away / sell my manga either. They're just stored away for now because I can't fit them into my room's book shelves. 🙁
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

  • I love, love, love the FMA series! It was so fantastic! I finally found it in me to sell some of my really old manga that I never re-read. It took me a long time to finally feel like I could sell it though ! I totally understand keeping it in storage!

  • AMAZING. That divider wall one is definitely enviable.

  • Jamie

    I love how your bookshelf is all different and not just one shelf straight across!

  • Soooo many! I try to keep genres together too and may very we'll need one for my manga xD

  • Thank you! It's my pride and joy!

  • Thanks!

  • I needed a whole shelf for my manga, I just have too much! hahah!