Books for Breakfast #44

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This time I had the pleasure of visiting two very different time periods in my readings. Like the boyfriend said before, I certainly love reading very different books and always picking complete opposites to review at the same time! So without further ado, my reads this time were:
Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman
I am actually quite embarrassed with myself that I haven’t read this book before now. I mean, really, I’m super embarrassed about it! I think, if I speak frankly, that the only reason I didn’t read it before, is that back in middle school my mom told me it was one of her favorites and in my silly rebellion I decided not to read it. Granted, I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it that much back then anyways. I feel like I read it at a time when I can appreciate the style, subject matter, and the characters fully. I LOVE Elizabeth, Lizzy, and her stubborn manner. She is bold, take-charge, and sets herself in her opinions fully. (Almost like me) I also love how she is off-set by her older sister Jane, who is mellow, level-headed, and so very lovable! I might be really happy about being an only child, but having an older sister like Jane would have been pretty swell, I can’t lie! All five of the sisters are such opposites, it makes the book fun to read! Lydia, being the most wild of all of them. Though, you don’t read much about Mary, I nearly forgot about her a few times actually, being the bookworm and not-to-social one of the bunch. 
Also, goodness, Mr. Darcy. You can’t help but love him! The way he learns of the error in his ways and takes no prisioners in trying to fix all the wrongs he has caused. Not to mention, all he does for Elizabeth to try and prove his love for her! Ah! It’s just so romantic! The book, as its title suggests, is all about overcoming pride and prejudice. I really want to see the 2005 movie now too! (Which I’ve also never seen before)

I watched the first & second season of the Netflix show before finishing this book. In fact, back when I first heard about the show I had no idea it was based off a book! Granted, after reading the book, it’s SO DIFFERENT than the show, I mean, SO VERY VERY DIFFERENT!! Though, you have to keep in mind that the book is a real memoir while the Netflix show is obviously a drama. There are some of the same characters in the show, but they have different names and totally different personalities as well! Red is called Pop in the book, and she and Piper have a totally different relationship in the book than they do on the show. I love Pop in the book, and I loved Red in the show as well! Even Piper herself is really different in the book as compared to the show. I know she was a consultant to the creation of the show, so that’s good, but it’s clearly vastly different than the book. The biggest change in my opinion, is (hiding just in case people consider it a spoiler?) In the book (Nora is Piper’s ex-girlfriend/drug dealer that got her in all the trouble) well they aren’t in the same prison at all! In the show Alex (the name they gave her in the show) is in the same prison and they get back together and it creates SO much drama! Another huge change is the fact that book doesn’t have any lesbian scenes or anything. It’s mentioned a few times that it happens in the Camp, but Piper doesn’t have any real experience with it while in prison. In prison there are strict no touching rules enforced, that don’t seem to be enforced at all in the show. When it comes down to it, the show just has A LOT more drama in it than the book. The book is plainly a memoir about a upper-middle-class white girl in prison, how it psychologically changes her, how it changes her view on women “criminals”, and the strain it puts on those outside that are worried about her.
If you pick up this book expecting it to be as drama filled and sex crazy as the show, then you are in for a major let down. You have to pick up this book looking at it like it is: A down to earth memoir about life in a women’s prison.
Overall though, I enjoyed the book! I thought it was eyeopening to read. (even if it didn’t have all that drama in it) I feel like if the book had everything that happened in the show in it, then it would read more like fiction than non-fiction, if you know what I mean?

Next on the list: Etiquette & Espionage  & The Unholy Murder of Ash Wednesday

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By Jess

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  • Kay

    I definitely would like to read Orange is the New Black sometime. I do enjoy the show, but I definitely felt it was WAY over the top with the drama/sex that I feel would never be allowed in an actual prison! Plus, I love memoirs. I haven't read Pride and Prejudice yet. . .yup, kind of shameful. When I think about it there are a lot of classics I've never actually read.

  • I feel the same way with classics! I feel like I haven't read enough of them! But Orange is the New Black is a great read that reflects prison life a lot better than the show! I hope you like it when you read it! 😀

  • Omg there is way too much lesbian sex in OITNB haha I love the show but I'm always like "OMG THIS AGAIN!?" 😛

  • Oh, I'm so happy you read and enjoyed Pride & Prejudice!! I'm a total Austenphile. I think I've read that book three or four times now, and I don't plan on giving up any time soon.

  • I'm definitely going to have to add OITNB to my reading list. I've watched both seasons as well, and forgot there was a book. It'd be interesting to read what inspired the "drama" tv show, even if it's toned down. I typically enjoy that though. Like… if I watch a movie and it's "based on a true story", usually the first half of the movie is spent with me googling what the REAL story is behind the movie.

  • Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book of all time. I re-read it once a year….yeah, that makes me sound a little crazy. haha! I just started watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I would love to read the book and see how different it is

  • thedailymiacis

    I haven't read yet Pride and Prejudice, I've got him on my book shelf, waiting. I loved the movie, Pride and Prejudice, and another one based on Jane's life, Becoming Jane. And I know I will love the book, but it's just not the time. Don't know why.. 😡

  • Amy

    If you get chance, watch the old BBC version of Pride and Prejudice – it's much better than the film!

  • Hooray for P&P! It's a classic and I love it, though I like the BBC version best. But the 2005 version is pretty to look at <3

  • I didn't like the OITNB book at all, I thought it was kinda poorly written with some real slow parts. I wish she'd had told her story to a ghostwriter or something. I'm glad I read the real story though.

  • I LOVE P&P! The book is so romantic and wonderful! The 2005 movie is beautiful to look at and just as romantic! I think you would also like The Lizzie Bennet Dairies on Youtube! It's a modern take that's absolutely amazing!

  • She didn't have the best writing style, but I did enjoy reading the story of actual prison life, instead of the dramatic story on Netflix…but I do love the series on Netflix haha

  • That's what everyone keeps saying! I will have to check it out! Thank you!