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This week in place of Favorite Fridays, instead we will look at what Sarah, my lovely best friend in the whole wide world (literally now), will be posting about her life in SOUTH KOREA!! Isn’t that SUPER RAD??! So let’s check in with her!
I am one month into my life in South Korea and honestly it
feels like it’s barely been a week. The time has flown by! I plan to be more
active in the future but for now I am still without my DSLR (I forgot some of
my equipment for it at home UGH) and without a lot of time so I will give a
preview of what I’ve been up to these past few weeks and what is to come in
future posts~.
Let’s go!!
not going to lie coming to Korea was pretty surreal at first. You think you
come prepared for these things but then you walk off that plane and it’s a
whole different world and you expected it but WOAH.

My first night in Daejeon, I was like WHAT HAVE I DONE? I
came with the EPIK program which contracts English teachers to work in tandem
with Korean co-teachers in elementary and middle schools around the country.
For 9 days we have an orientation at a dormitory with other EPIK teachers
attending lessons on teaching, Korean culture, and language. It was a nice way
to make friends and ease the tension as we all eased our way into Korea. After
hours we could go out, but only until 12 am.

WOO HOO! Downtown Daejeon. Party hard! But, really I just
shopped a lot.
After orientation you say a teary farewell to all your
friends and hop on a bus to go to your designated city and meet your
co-teacher. I am placed in a city called Ulsan and I live in the southernmost
tip in a place called Dong-gu. I personally love it. It’s mellow, it’s by the
beach, and it’s got everything you need!

If you look WAYYY off in the distance there that’s the ocean
FYI. Oh and this is just me being a huge creep while walking with some of my
kids to school. 
Since being in Korea I have already been on one vacation and
I hope to do a vacation series starting with my trip to the city of Busan. I
went to Busan for three days while my school had time off for the Korean
holiday “Chuseok” which is kind of similar to our Thanksgiving.

We visited a temple by the sea! But more on that later…
Lastly I’ll throw some favorites in here:
Food service is awesome here. There is no tipping culture so
I don’t have to worry that I am being the asshole that doesn’t tip well when
really I just can’t do proper basic math. The servers do not acknowledge your existence
unless you call for them and many restaurants have call bells; also you get to grill
your own meat. I mean I hate cooking, but grilling bulgogi and eating it with
your friend’s battle royale style is pretty fun. 


NO SHOES IN SCHOOL! Oh yeah! Traditionally you must take
your shoes off at the door in Korean homes. School is not an exception. I have
to switch to indoor shoes/foam sandals when I come to school. Not going to lie,
it rocks.

No sore feet for me!! My shoes don’t match? Who cares!!
Hostel’s aren’t creepy. So when my friends suggested we stay
at a hostel the first thing I thought of was rape or murder (I blame that movie), but actually
hostels here are really nice (nicer than my apartment, well the bathroom). I
had a super pleasant stay at the New Day hostel in Busan. They gave us
breakfast and even had a rooftop garden. It was super cheap to stay, and there
was no murder or rape! It was great!
Such a nice place to relax!
Overall I am having a great time here in Korea and the adjustment has been smooth~. I can’t wait to write and experience more!

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  • thedailymiacis

    Good luck! 🙂

  • What an exciting journey! I can't wait to hear more from Sarah and her experiences in Korea! I could totally not imagine going there without knowing some basic Korean, although I desperately want to.

    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

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    Can't wait to hear more about your experience in Korea!

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    I can't imagine up and moving to another country – it must be so exciting yet nerve wracking all at once! The area looks beautiful, and I hope to hear more about Sarah's trip!

  • This sounds exciting and scary! The culture shock must have been harsh, but I'm glad everything is going smoothly for Sarah. Can't wait to see more posts from her.

  • Natasha

    I taught English in Busan for two years and really enjoyed it – this post has made me very nostalgic! My friend started a blog when we moved there which Sarah might find interesting and useful, especially if she will be spending some time in Busan, here is the link: xx

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