End of Summer – #SummerBloggerChallenge


Time to sum up the summer! Wow, it’s shocking that it’s fall already! Summer feels like it was long and short at the same time, if you understand my meaning. So let’s look back at my first #SummerBloggerChallenge post and see if I’ve completed everything I set out to do this summer! An X means I didn’t do it, and O means I did complete it!
Find a Job! X
I’ve had a BUNCH of interviews and I’ve revamped my resume, cover letter, and website bunches of times and applied over and over again to jobs, but alas, things just haven’t panned out. But I’m not losing confidence, I’m sure that if I keep trying, I’ll find the job that I’m supposed to have! I want to enjoy what I do each day and that’s what I’m striving towards! I have another interview coming up soon and I am going to give it my best!
Freelance, Freelance, Freelance! O
I’ve had a bunch of freelance projects this summer! Some were small and others were quite large and took up a lot of time and energy! I had fun with each and every one. There is really nothing quite like designing something special for someone and seeing their happy reactions. 
Celebrate One year! O
We did it! It was an amazing one year celebration that was probably just a bit over the top for a 1 year anniversary…but it ended up being the perfect weekend getaway! We packed so much into the weekend too! Hiking, hot tub lounging, exploring, gift shop shopping, watching a wedding, fancy dinner, s’mores, exploring a small town, and wine tasting! Wow!
Explore the City! O/X
I haven’t explored as much as I would have liked. I wanted to do the incline up to Mt. Washington, which gives a great view of the city. But I did get to go to the farmer’s market a few times, explore new parks I haven’t been to yet, go to some events around the city, and attend an event with LEVO to a whiskey garden I wouldn’t have otherwise went to! So I did explore a little more than I have before!!
Read Books! O
Oh did I ever read books! I read a bunch of books this summer and I’m sure to read even more as fall comes around! Let’s see, how many books have I read this summer? I read 10 books in July, 8 books in August, and so far in September I’ve read 3 books. (Slacking in September!) For a grand total of 21 books! Pretty awesome!! 
Get Boyfriend to write a post! O
I certainly got the boyfriend to write a post! In fact, he’s already written four posts! He got to start his own series called “Music You’ve Been Missing” and it’s going pretty swell! If you missed out on it (haha see what I did there?) you can catch them here: 
Eat Healthy & Exercise! X
Oops. I haven’t been doing too good at this at all. I walk around the city a bunch, but that doesn’t really count. I’ve been snacking on apples a lot more recently…but I still have my fruit by the foots in the pantry, so yeah. I’m still trying to get better though I swear!! 
Throw a Dinner party! O
I did get to throw one pot luck dinner party this summer! I also attended a great labor day party with some porch grilling, which was pretty swell! I can’t wait to have a yard sometime in the future so I can throw grilling parties and the like! 
I think overall I did well on my summer goals, though I didn’t complete them all! I had a great summer and did a lot of fun things that I didn’t plan on doing, but ended up doing anyways! I love that life is always full of adventures. 

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By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!