Books for Breakfast #46

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I read a lot of thrillers/mysteries, it’s one of my favorite genres. Especially ones that involve murder. Murder mysteries are always thrilling and full of twists and turns. 
The book I read this time for Books for Breakfast is called If I Should Die by Iris Leach. It follows the path of Sebastian Hawk, an agent from a special force that protects people and solves crimes with his partner Chu. (I must admit, for some reason half the time I read the name ‘Hawk’, I always wanted to read it as Hank. Hank doesn’t sound like a strong attractive man name to me though, and didn’t seem to fit Hawk’s character. His name is not Hank.) Anyways, he becomes entangled with the lead girl Mickey, who may have something that the murderer wants. Something that stretches the imagination. She gets wrapped up in Hawk’s revenge plan and things start to get dangerous.

The story opens with death, fear, and a cast of pretty sociopathic characters. Cold blooding killers, terrible people that have a lack of empathy. The main characters though, are more selfish and have traits that anyone could relate too. Mickey was my favorite, she is pretty awesome! The one guy though, Eliot, was the worst! I hated him so much! (I think that was kind of the point) I just started secretly hoping he would die before the book ended, just because he was so vile, you know what I mean? Those characters tend to pop up in thrillers, horror, and murder mysteries, I encounter them frequently when reading murder mysteries and horror as well. One death made me really sad too, man I was rooting for that character!!

If I Should Die is a pretty quick read, being rather short at about 158 pages, much shorter than the last book I read that was almost 500 pages long. It shoots past you as you read because you want to know what’s going to happen and who the killer will be! One thing that I always do when I’m reading a murder mystery is try to guess what the twist will be at the end. I made one guess right in the beginning, but then changed it to another character that I guessed would turn out to be the ultimate bad guy. Then, I almost changed it to another character, who I was SURE was the bad guy. I mean, he knew things that no one told him about! Clearly that’s guilty right? But I still held onto my gut feeling that my second guess was the right guess. I thought I had everything figured out, my guess about the main bad guy was right, but there was a twist that I wasn’t expecting at the end! Like, I wasn’t expecting the ending at all! I certainly gasped at the end and clutched at my heart. In a way, I saw a part of the ending coming, but not all of it!

The book has some cliches: the bad boy detective/agent that goes against the grain lone-wolf style to solve the case, revenge, romance, a kick butt hot girl who is a little stupid at the end, and betrayal. But, these are things common to mystery novels and are in a lot of ways lovable. Well, maybe not lovable. I mean, people die in these books for Pete’s Sake! It was an enjoyable little read. There is nothing better than sitting down and getting engulfed completely in a murder mystery!

Musa Publishing gives it a heat rating of 1, meaning there is some romance and what have you. But nothing I would consider too bad. I mean, it’s no where close to 50 Shades or anything like that. (Thankfully)

This is a sponsored post, I received a free PDF of this e-book. All opinions are my own.

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By Jess

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  • I like a good murder mystery too! I usually don't go for ones that are chilling and have sociopaths, but this sounds very interesting. I read a fun murder mystery earlier in the year called The Mangle Street Murders and I think you might like it.

  • Ooooh! I'll have to add that to my list! I tend to go for the dark murder mysteries haha