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Another book recommended to me by my boyfriend and a book that my dad read before I did, and now asks me if I’ve finished it every time he calls. Finally I can say I’ve finished it! Two great books, two different stories!
This time I read: 
Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood
The Son by Jo Nesbo

My boyfriend really does recommend some great books for me to read! Out of all the books he’s given me to read (AnthemSpace Odyssey, Rendezvous with Rama, and Dune) I probably enjoyed this one the most! If I were to compare this book to something else I’ve read, it would fall into the 1984 or Brave New World category/genre. It gives you shudders to think about the way the world could head, like all those books in which humanity destroys itself via utopia. The characters are really deep and Snowman, the narrator, is immensely interesting as he looks back on what brought humanity to the it’s destruction. Since, you know, he might be the last remaining human on the earth after the chaos happened. It’s so freaky to think about! Eek!
Not to mention, those character back stories. Oryx’s backstory made me cringe and curl up into a little ball to sort out my feelings. It’s something that when you are reading, you have to close it from time to time because you just start hating people SO MUCH while reading it that you need breathers every so many pages. And Crake. Don’t even get me started on Crake. Did I love him? Did I hate him? Did it fall somewhere in-between? Well, I can’t even explain it properly without spoiling everything! God. It’s just such a good book! Snowman stumbles through the backstory, skipping things, and going forward and backwards to explain things and…seeing things through his rose-tinted glasses. The world they live in was ruled by companies, sprouting crazy claims…some of which actually work. Science has basically taken over and man…it’s a little bit scary! I know I keep saying it, but seriously, shivers, this book gave me shivers! My boyfriend says this book is part of his top 3 books, and that it might even be his favorite book of all time. I could see why.
It was an amazing read though. If you’ve read either 1984 or Brave New World, then I would HEAVILY suggest reading this one too! I want to read more by Atwood now!! Also! I almost forgot! Oryx and Crake is actually a trilogy (Though, I could see this book as a standalone novel) the second book is from a completely different perspective, and I really want to read it, as well as the third one!

I love Nesbo. I talk up Nesbo all the time. This is his second standalone that I’ve read, the first was Headhunters, which happened to be my first Nesbo book ever! (It’s now a movie on Netflix too, in Norwegian with subtitles, but oh so good) Then I moved onto the 10 book Harry Hole series, which I read completely out of order. Finally, Nesbo released another stand alone! I must say, as much as I love Harry Hole, I was REALLY excited for this stand alone! This was the first Nesbo book that I called the one twist near the end (I mean like I couldn’t call it until the last 50 pages or so) and I was ACTUALLY RIGHT!! I SAW THE TWIST! I’m never right when I guess!!
Anyways, this is a revenge plot, I mean, a really hardcore Law Abiding Citizen (The movie) style revenge story. Think about the corruption in the police and then amplify it by 100% and you’ve got the level of dirty, horrible, and awful corruption that takes place in this book. It’s a trust no one sort of story, expect for the people that society normally hates…those people are the good ones in this story! Nesbo writes a lot about the drug problem: Drug dealers, sellers, and addicts. It makes his stories very gritty and it makes his characters into almost anti-heroes instead of the typical good-guys. I really like that about his books, everyone has a vice they are trying to overcome or come to terms with.
Sonny, one of the most important characters in this book, he tugs on my heart strings! He is an addict and is in jail, but he’s not in jail for the reasons that he should be. He’s a tragic character with a painful past, but he is so nice. His character is full of contradictions, which was hard to wrap your head around. I mean (Spoiler) He was nice, gave money he stole to homeless people and addicts to help them get on their feet….and then he’d shoot someone. I mean, they were bad guys, but still. I still had to love him though. You are rooting for him the entire book.
Also. That ending. I don’t even know what to expect. Do I smell a sequel or something? No. I doubt it. But, man, I didn’t see that little tid-bit at the end coming. Nesbo loves to keep you guessing.

Next on my list I have: Mr. Mercedes & American Psycho

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  • I've been eyeing up Oryx and Crake for years now, and hearing your review has made me want to dive into it even more!

  • I'm definitely picking up Oryx and Crake! I adore dystopian novels ever since picking up Brave New World years back. I'm always looking for new reads from that genre so I have to give you a huge thanks for pointing out this triloby to me!
    Elina |

  • No problem!! I hope you enjoy it! I loved the first book, it was so amazingly written and the characters are superb!

  • It was fantastic! I had never heard of it until my boyfriend gave it to me to read, and now I want to read everything Atwood has written!! It was such a great book!

  • Kay

    I definitely want to read Oryx and Crake. I really enjoyed The Handmaid's Tale – it had that slightly terrifying if this was the future that came about feel you were talking about, and I love books like that!

  • thedailymiacis

    I'm intrigued about Oryx and Crake. I like stories about how humanity might end, and apocaliptic scenarios 🙂

  • Okay. You've convinced me! I NEED to read Oryx & Crake!! Great review!

  • I'm with Sara, I think I'm adding this to my to-read list. (But oh my butterfly, that list is growing so fast I don't know how I'll ever keep up!)